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This Attraction Marketing page is used with Email, Twitter, Advertising and Press Release correspondence. The site is not as simple as we wish but what is simple these days. We have created The Shape Graphic so you can get a quick view.

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Hope you can take a few moments to review these related sites and contact me with your information if you see a synergistic link for yourself.

You can stay on the positive expectations site for a complete understanding if you wish, but it seems like I should offer both for transparency.

I am new at this but will list your program/site/blog so you have an outside link to your site provided you link to I am working on a better location for the links to your site but wanted to get started.

Our Primary Opportunity To Create a local Small Business Media Company

Our Work From Home Distribution of Messaging


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Positive Expectations Home

USA VALUES, LLC or Tom Wolfgram represents at least these very wholesome local entrepreneur businesses. At this point it is a short list and is designed to strategically complement the USA VALUES business discussed in this web site.

A veteran executive who is a USA PUBLIC SERVICE MESSAGE FLYER Licensee might privately decide on a number of these or other businesses that give him/her extra leverage on the flyer produced each month in the local community.


Why SendOutCards™?

Like many multi-level marketing opportunities it is very true that lives can be changed if the product and sales process can be started within one’s network and expand from there. I suggest you not solely rely on your personal network for prospects and customers. Think and use the Renegade with the SendOutCards™(SOC). SendOutCards is a universally used high quality company for gifts and cards, through the USA postal mail. It is an opportunity beyond your family.

Each of us has promptings to send messages from our heart and our thoughts on many emotional issues. When I saw this product line and capability I combined it with the messages, values, character, assets, and stories for children, parents, and teachers in pre-k and elementary school located at The concept of messaging opportunity and success is not new and will see a resurgence as governments create stress and reconcil to excess debt using worst case beliefs as limits.

You already have the gift from USA VALUES, LLC, a veteran owned company, to use these messages and stories that link you to projecting opportunity as you see fit. If desired, you have with this resource (SOC) the cards sending the USA VALUES messages to children, teachers, and parents through the mail. This is a business with only a $500 startup expenses.

I suggest you look at the schools around you and get involved with this higher tech capability, many in the community will welcome the interest. A physical card is much different than an email card and always prompts the desire to respond.

Each school should have this capacity.

Each teacher should have this capacity.

Each club and organization should have this capacity.

It is a big market of communication when viewed as a part of the messaging on USA VALUES, LLC. It is a network that constantly renews itself as new children and parents work through the schools.


You have the gift from the Gideon’s bible of the openings to introduce each citizen you know to understanding the wisdom contained in the Word. The front of the Gideon’s is special for citizens when they will be most open to hearing or studying. The Gideon’s openings are in the public domain, already on the web just waiting to be linked to a person via SendOutCards.

Each church should have this capacity to send the Helpings.

Each pastor and lay person should have this capacity.

Each group, club and organization should have this capacity.

It is a big market when viewed as a part of the messaging within one’s church and the community faith base. The Gideon’s (non-denominational) have already created the common accepted basic links between an emotional situation and selected book, chapter and verse of the bible.

This network of local citizens attending or not attending church also constantly renews itself. Please emember, a physical card is much different than an email card and always prompts at least the desire to respond.

CONTACT INFORMATION This Business Overview was sent to you by: Thomas Wolfgram Senior Personal Business Advisor Personal Business Advisors LLC Tel: 651-735-3018 TDWPBA_HR@Q.COM

SendOutCards Landing Page

Attraction Marketing via Renegade Marketing

Why Renegade Marketing?

You can make money with less than a $100 investment by just promoting this information to your prospects along with any business that you have. It gives you promotional powers.

This is so powerful it does not need to be and should not be used with your close friends, until they ask. If you don't have another business you can still find a prospecting purpose to work these concepts. You could take on the SendOutCards™ Business as your business. See that opportunity on this page.

I have included some thoughts from the last chapter of the information you purchase for about $70. You know selling is at the heart of being entrepreneurial but might not know it is this substantively easy. You will have people asking you about how to go into business. is more than comfortable giving this guidance Google the Renegade System. Purchase the knowledge. Get a group of 10 that will in turn create groups of 10 and never look back.

Can you find a group of 10 mothers who care about Early Reading Skills and Positive Expectations?

Just a sample from the materials…………….

Chapter 10 – The Renegade System © .Copyright 2007, All Rights Reserved by Ann Seig In Chapter 7 and Chapter 8 we talked about how your marketing system is something that you put together incrementally, one piece at a time. First a website… then some articles… throw in a few emails… put up some ads… write a report… do some interviews… write some more emails… and before you know it you've got a full fledged marketing machine churning out prospects for you. This is how everyone does it, even the biggest players.

Well, I'd like to offer you a big piece to the puzzle that can help you get there a little bit faster. I like to call it “The Renegade System.” What is The Renegade System and how can it help you with your business? Word-for-word, it's the exact series of marketing tools, websites and messages that my team and I have used with unbelievable success to educate and attract throngs of eager prospects to us.

It's a result of over 5 years of learning “in the trenches” through repeated trial and error and continual testing, tweaking and improvement of the whole process from A-Z. It's also one of the most unique affiliate programs you'll ever find and it's totally free for you to use. It's proven to work and ready to go “as is” and perhaps most important, is universal and can be used to build any opportunity. Its main purpose is to help you make an immediate retail profit while generating high quality leads (monetization).

In Chapter 7 I talked about how the method that I've been most successful with when it comes to monetizing my prospecting activities is selling an info product. This gets people to pay you to qualify themselves and by educating them, it puts them on the same page as you are, making them an ideal prospect to work with. You can use this model yourself by earning commissions when you refer people to "The Renegade Network Marketer" (along with many other products and services). The Renegade System also provides you with additional training and resources on sales and marketing. You can access these for free by logging into the back end area.

Let's go over the monetization part first. You can use The Renegade System to help monetize an existing website/list or a new one that you're just starting to build. You can also use it to generate prospects for your business if you don't have your own website even though I highly recommend building your own site first. One of the best and fastest ways to make money is by recommending The Renegade Network Marketer to your list of subscribers if you have one. This is what most people do and it's extremely effective because The Renegade Network Marketer has a track record of very high conversion rates with this method.

In order to get people to give you their contact information, you have to incentivize them with something. Part of The Renegade System is the free ebook The 7 Great Lies Of Network Marketing. If you're not able to put together a free report of your own, or some other kind of free offer right away, you can use The 7 Great Lies Of Network Marketing for this purpose.

You can also link to The Renegade Network Marketer from your website. If you have a sales letter type site, a link on the front page would not be ideal because you don't want to distract people from the main call to action, but a multi-page content site or blog works very well.

CONTACT INFORMATION This Business Overview was sent to you by: Thomas Wolfgram Senior Personal Business Advisor Personal Business Advisors LLC Tel: 651-735-3018 TDWPBA_HR@Q.COM

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