USA VALUES LLC is a start-up advertising, promotion, and public relations company building the "Early Reading Skills Delivered -- Ringing Advantages" brand. It sells advertising and provides "free" communication services (supported by local advertising dollars) for the purpose of changing attitudes via the Public Service Message. The requirement is that 100% (each and every) child must have early reading skills, be counting, and understand positive direction entering kindergarten to be advantaged and advantage the school district. Only a bottoms up focus on age 0-6 at risk kids will get new proficiency result at top international levels.

We are asking multinational and large businesses with unused business growth assets like treasury shares to allow urban school districts, through guarantees, to monetize their commitment to future district innovation, savings and payback

School Districts will use the New Money to help communities deliver 100% of the at risk children to kindergarten ready to read, count and understand positive direction and do it in a way that also generates the loan payback

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High Quality Constraint Management,

USA VALUES Created New Money,

USA VALUES New Deliveries,


The US Military veteran executive is the missing link to fill the gaps and hold business and schools together to change the odds for the most at risk. A real business exists making this happen for the most at risk. The monetization of the message is made simple by us. As simple as gripping a bat until the ball is hit.

We see an opening in the private sector for US Military Veterans, say 60 “Generals”, 600 “Captains” and 5000 “others” who can relate to the small businesses that have the at risk at their door steps as customers and employees. AND, will be attracted to doing what is right but not easy in the local school and business community.

1. It is a business.

The first thing first right the first time (FTFRTFT) message to all mothers, but especially those with at risk children, is that it is critical to be ready for kindergarten.

This messaging is sent via B to C and B to B local advertising. Ultimately it is a Public Service Message (PSM) sent by the local business operated by a Senior Executive US Military Veteran in his or her defined location.

2. Customers (CEO's and Owners) are informed to understand this.

The PVofPE-Prek is $500,000 for the cost of $10,000. That is present value of positive expectation-prek. One could say it is the priceless making of free quality. We can’t have the $500,000 value within the most at risk, without the $10,000 spent pre-k. The value is supported in the FTFRTFT sections of the site. Time is money and pre-k attention is critical. The site talks about this $10,000 as New Money for New Deliveries.

The business community understands these investment numbers and how future savings is value when it becomes true positive expectations. businesses understand there is a FTFRTFT requirement to the expectations. The community needs every family and business and non-business organization, including the faith base and the schools to understand FTFRTFT demands reprioritization. An interesting powerful story that touches on this value is The Street Lawyer by John Grisham, on pages 406 and 425 of the paperback.

3. School districts buy into the change.

If a community can improve the knowledge level of the children starting kindergarten by attention to the grassroots bottoms up and deliver 100% of the children ready, can the district save money year by year as the "100%" cohorts grow into the majority of the K-12 attendance? Yes they can!!! How much can they save and innovate?

The school district (board, superintendent, principals and other leaders) will know how to adapt detailed quality and continuous improvement methods to savings and innovation. This Adapted Knowledge is not for the general public but is part of the schools positioning for positive expectations.

School Districts can have this 100% delivery of at risk children by THEIR METHOD of High Quality FTFRTFT Continuous improvement AT NO EXTRA COST.

High Quality defined by “traditional avoidance” will lead to new money for innovation and savings. Constraints management makes pre-k language acquisition through a process bottleneck an unlimited opportunity in K-12.

Our measure is education proficiency age 0-6 based on the science and new requirement to be ready. The game is that 100% everyone has to have opportunities in a life to get to the middle economics with the education, economic, emotional and ethical assets needed to stay there. The change to this game must start early. There are hundreds of ways to say this.

In action let us move forward now. We need help from the largest multinational companies to start. We have a process to make them "grip the bat" in what is a no choice position. A solid start per state would be:

• 100 very large twitter accounts

• 50 large corporations with corporate networks and treasury shares

• 50 Superintendents who think they can save when the input is changed

• Everything public and political goes to the sideline for new priority when FTFRTFT thinking changes the odds for the at risk age 0-6 children before kindergarten

This is common good without reference to the past because it is disruption in pursuit of innovation.

For USA VALUES it is not about:

• High Quality Consulting

• Performing on age 3-6 mentoring contracts from the school district

• Apps for mobile phones

• Creating New Money Fees

• Upgrading the grassroots influence on Superintendents and School Boards

For USA VALUES it is about:

. Advertising, promotion, and public relations building the "Early Reading Skills Delivered -- Ringing Advantages" brand

• 100% Early Reading Skills Delivered, counting, and understanding positive direction before kindergarten

• 40 assets and attributes and 14 values following in grades K-6

USA VALUES looks to be part of the common good operating for profit on the good side of the 48 Laws of Power:

• Sell the goodness of positive expectation for kids age 0-6 starting kindergarten, the PVofPE-Prek by using sale of an idea, advertising, promotion, sponsorship and social media within a mega network. Importantly, see the Business Survey for details

• Asking the successful to tell a story about their FTFRTFT and pay for its publishing

• Decision to Yes are made in private

• Publish Stories for $600 each

• Publish on line ads linked to twitter for $480 each

• Social Media Sponsorships using Twitter and Facebook per twitter

• BtoB Promotion

• BtoC Advertising on line and In print

• Mailing list of the powerful 2-5-10-15,000 leaders in each 5,000,000 group of citizens

• 50,000 – 250,000 emails per 5,000,000 citizens growing to 1.25 million

. Substantial Social Media followings into the millions

Bold and Big Thinking! Will You Go Into Business to Do This Good With Us?

We need to sell the USA VALUES, LLC. state efforts to “Generals” and license the local efforts to “Captains”. Do you want to consider this private sector innovation for yourself?

These two questions (9&10) are asked of US Military Veterans taking the survey. A “state” is plus 5,000,000 citizens and the idea is to break it down for local business to 500,000 citizens. Our target experience levels of approximately General and Captain are not fixed in stone but rather are for discussion. The areas will be designed as we go to match real experience and confidence.

The first two locations we sell (place) combined with Minnesota are development locations. The $250,000 mentioned below (General) is the required deposit for working capital of the new company less the cost of legal expense. This state level organization is not a franchise, nor is it a license and will be established as a sub chapter s corporation. The suggested deal for a local advertising business (Captain) is designed to require very little working capital and a purchased price paid for over time from earnings. The idea is to make expansion with the right leadership a quick inexpensive entrepreneurial start.

9. This is not a promise of investment value!!! If you have the rank of approximately “General in the Army ” would you be interested in just talking about (not investing in) a “State Level Business” that could approximate $10-15 million in annual sales costing you only $250,000 for 70% “non-franchise and non-licensed ownership”. (Only two states exist at this price-after that they will cost $450,000) Each “state” would employ about 10 “Captain Level US Military Executives” and many more veterans if you desired. Do you have any suggestions relative to your resume to help this monetization process proceed? The business would be influential in your “state” on the net, in print and in the social media space. Please comment. Remember, this is not a promise of investment value!!! And represents only an opportunity to talk.

10. This is not a promise of investment value!!! If you have the rank of approximately “Captain in the Army” would you be interested in just talking about (not investing in) a “Local Level Business” that could approximate $1.5 million in annual sales costing you “little cash investment” to start “future licensed ownership”. Your location might align within the “Generals” in the above question. Your location could employ more veterans if you desired. Do you have any suggestions relative to your resume to help this startup process proceed? The business would be influential in your location on the net, in print and in the social media space. Please comment. Remember, this is not a promise of investment value!!! And represents only an opportunity to talk.

As mentioned in section Veteran Skills The USA VALUES LLC model has reserved several growth roles for the veteran based in the "at home" economic future of our nation.

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