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Repeat of the Greeting Card Introduction

We are surveying the willingness of notable businesses, school districts, and state governments to apply proven Quality is Free, Continuous Improvement Constraint Management to the education proficiency gap, given the truth. more...

These Daily Tweets Speak the Truth

We are asking multinational and large businesses with unused business growth assets like treasury shares to allow urban school districts, through guarantees, to monetize their commitment to future district innovation, savings and payback

School Districts will use the New Money to help communities deliver 100% of the at risk children to kindergarten ready to read, count and understand positive direction and also position the district to save and innovate based on the readiness.

The idea is to dramatically increase proficiency of urban schools without more individual and business taxes or donations. We are positioning for school districts “new money” for early ready to read, count and understand positive direction skills delivery to 100% of the at risk age 3-6 children.

School districts will agree to pay the money back from savings and innovation by most basic application of first thing first right the first time (FTFRTFT) constraint management. Critical to the request is the district objective to reach 100% of those at risk from the bottoms up.

Please complete our survey and your company or organization will be removed from our no choice published survey request listing. Your feedback will be confidential.

Individual and Organizations Surveyed

The survey might lead you to consider publishing your branded disruption with gain story for the common good. Your story within the theme of FTFRTFT tied to the science of constraint management is needed in the public sector.

Added Business Introduction

Business recognizes there is no real systemic payoff to a middle of the process change action without being FTFRTFT focused. This means early starts addressing 100% avoidance. This is said with surety because of the Science of Constraint Management.

The availability and payback of a new money bridge loan can be fully presented to all via advertising, promotion and sponsorship of FTFRTFT stories. In the detail of our social media, you will find understanding and projecting innovation and savings because of constraint management. These Daily Tweets Speak the Truth

Businesses Will Find Their Survey at this Link

Business Survey

FYI ---Understanding of Other Stakeholders in Completing the Survey

Added schools, churches, government, preschools, childcare and other organizations

Districts must just ask business to pledge unused productive assets and excess capacity to the creation of new money for the first thing first effort. Money will be plentiful if business is paid back (loan collateral is released within 5-7 years). Unused business assets can be used in the loan bridge but there are requirements that include the key words of collateral, innovation, savings, payback, disruption, demonstration, values, surplus, deficit, work, responsibility, respect, discipline, honesty and others.

School District, School and Other Organization Survey

Added US Military Veteran Component

We need a surge of “glue” by “cold hard steel” behind the local community to solidify the school and business partnership focus on FTFRTFT attention to the most at risk of those at risk.

This is intrusive work for the returning executive military veteran. Entrepreneurs are welcome, and facilitated, see the media kit links on the home page.

US Military Veteran Entrepreneurship Survey Understanding FTFRTFT

Added Grassroots directed by principals, pre-k to grade 3 movements plus plus

Ultimately it is about classroom time management GAIN via the FTFRTFT focus on the most at risk of those at risk. PTA’s, Parents, Mom’s, Teachers start with early reading then Assets, Attributes, Values, Stories, and Messages being demonstrated locally. The gift of early reading skills is a samaritan example when it becomes difficult to deliver.

Added Public Policy

Savings will need to stay with the school district in areas like special education, title I, and others. This will require difficult public policy change that respects the powerless and the inspiration generated from doing something truly unique and meaningful.

Added Social Media, Key Words and Messages (tweets)

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