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The Distribution Program for USA VALUES, LLC products is in final development. It is being designed to pay the distributor 25-40% of product sales. There is a $100 per year fee to be a distributor. All the transactions run through the pay pal banking accounts totally secure.

The product is one that mom can encourage the teachers and schools to use in the classroom. The use from class to class has always been easy to facilitate. Samples are free.

We need 100 commitments to distribute this product to complete the warehouse development. I can explain this better on the phone. Call or use this link to tell us you are interested.


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The first 100 distributors are given a FREE life time membership for the program developed as of 12-31-2011. The product is designed for children in school settings from age 3 to age 12. All the product is designed and many of the items are on the shelf; however, they are not ready to be shipped until the warehouse is reestablished. The future development of the product for teachers and children will be toward supporting more online and more direct interaction via 1st class mail.

This is a wholesome product line

Introduction to Products

The site has early education and character education product for sale. But importantly the messages, booklists and lists of assets and attributes are FREE. Just go to the site and download them. We have found the teachable relationship between message and story to be the most time consuming part of education for the teacher.

The number of messages and story choices we have provided is far more than required. If a message does not fit in the mind of the teacher, we suggest it not be used. If a story just doesn't work, use another, or let the children make up one to reflect and demonstrate understanding. The raw messages and stories work into the curriculum as well as anything because everything on the site is positive.

The materials for sale are meaningful because the consumption of the materials marks the delivery in a hectic classroom world but the materials are not of first importance. The materials are also fun for the children and make for great take home and back use. But remember, the content is free and the books can be used year after year. We noticed 50% of the teachers were reluctant to deliver the messages and materials for the first time. That reluctance disappeared with the second value. We noticed just a small influence (not intrusive) by the principal to make certain the messages were delivered make a difference. Our reaction is a parent concerned with preventive bully processes can fill that void.

Messages and story index on the web is Free, because we want the grassroots population using something to project high expectations and understandings of individual achievement, success, sharing, and one’s part in the civility and the opportunity equation. It true that children learn a lot from the community and this is certainly part of that. We believe this material works into a flexible and inexpensive school wide program without definition from us. You can expect a local business to be willing to pay for the materials for many simple reasons.

Introduction to Products


Teachers did find the product, materials and curriculum very effective and very flexible to use. The materials helped deliver the messages in 100% of the cases. The messages were understood by the children in plus 90% of the cases.

The program is hands on simple, the children like it, the Teacher likes the options it provides, parents can relate to the transparency of the message and stories from the retail bookstore.

Teacher Comments

The Program

Our character development program is based on the premise that there are basic societal values that transcend religious, political and cultural differences. The values addressed in the curricula are compassion, courage, discipline, faith, forgiveness, friendship, honesty, justice, love, loyalty, persistence, respect, responsibility and work.

Each teacher may receive a kit containing a teacher's manual with age appropriate curriculum, stories, folders, stickers, photographs, as well as materials that parents are actively encouraged to use to reinforce the values learned in school.

Stories based on family and community values are important and have always held a central place in teaching societal values to children. They lay the foundation upon which children learn, grow and form a value system for the rest of their lives. As children experience the values expressed in the stories, they reflect these values in their attitudes and behavior every day.

In addition to the stories included in the teacher's materials, a book list identifies more than 1200 other stories, each indexed to a message regarding values, assets and attributes. The time allotted to the curriculum is flexible but requires an hour per week.

Classroom Tested

Over the past several years, over 35 schools in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area, involving 13,000 children in grades K-5 and more than 600 teachers and principals, have tested and used the character development program. A summary of teacher evaluations indicated that the program was relevant to 97 percent of the children. In addition, 90 percent of the teachers rated the program "effective" or "very effective" in accomplishing the goal of communicating values. The program was evaluated at the end of each value sequence through the use of teacher and principal surveys and on-site visits.

During the pilot project in 1997 and 1998, the program was selected as a "Teaching Example" in The U.S. Presidents' Summit for America's Future, for which former Presidents Carter and Bush were honorary co-chairs. A participant in the pilot project and a kindergarten teacher at Lucy Craft Laney Elementary School, Minneapolis, said, "I really feel that a program like this is critical to the development of young children in today's society."

Program Development Staff

Bonnie Hermann, former regional director of training, KinderCare Learning Centers, developed curriculum and programs at the New Horizon Child Care Center, a Minnesota-based program for children 6 weeks-12 years. During the USA VALUES two-year pilot process, she worked with teachers, principals and curriculum specialists in 29 schools, including those in the large districts of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Thomas D. Wolfgram, Executive Director, Character Development Program, researched character development programs and assisted in organizing the values-centered curricula and materials around the messages. He has also been in executive and consultant positions with WinCraft Inc., The Miner Group International, W&C Printing and other businesses over the last 25 years

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