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At Risk Moms and the Local Business Have not Recognized The New Scientific Knowledge -- The Brain Capacity of children is 90% Developed before age 6

Brain Development Makes Early Reading Skills Delivery Imperative in the Pre-K Time Frame

Entrepreneurs Who Deliver The Message of This Knowledge Are Creating a Initial Value Added

This Message Must Constantly Be Sent to Business, Mom and Community with What Ever Degree of Intrusive Paternalism is Needed

USA VALUES, LLC business is set to locally prosper delivering the soft but intrusive message.

Additionally, some degree of intrusiveness must be demonstrated to inform business that they have few choices if they wish to be exceptional on a regional, national or international level. The USA VALUES intrusiveness makes sure this point is understood at the CEO, Effective Citizen, School Board, and Superintendent levels. Pay now for a quality is free upside or more later, without an upside.

In general, the community knows the upside behind early reading skills. But, it requires a new third party to bring the schools and business together to create the change with the new money. Our model defines that new "third party" to be an executive veteran. The new money is to be $8-10,000 per at risk child.

Must the owner of this local print media company be an executive veteran? Of course not, but, we have it in our heart to put them in this business because they deserve the opportunity for what they have done for main street over the last 50 years. They have done the community building overseas by soft selling "literacy is freedom" and the world has become the market because of the soft sell.


Who will be this intrusive, and make it politically correct?

Entrepreneurs! - Veterans have been Promoted for This Purpose

The New Money Contract between the Economic Development Corporation, The Schools and the Providers.

Contracts to Deliver Children Ready

Human Capital Performance Bonds Published by Steve Rothschild of TC Rise and the Citizens League

Each local community must have the pacesetter Preschool and Mentoring Early Reading Skills Delivery Company in place. This is typically an affiliate offshoot of a child care facility that delivers early reading skills with a surety that they can and will guarantee the quality. Conditions of guarantee are acceptable to get started within the concept.

Both the mentoring company and the child care facility are not referred by the veterans public service media company. Mom goes to the K-12 district or its assigned agent when she needs guidance for help when the message is understood.

The executive veteran can generally stop there and rely on the community to create the early reading skills delivery capacity that the K-12 school system needs and will pay for. This new delivery capacity is generally not discussed in this web site, except as required for understanding that it must exist and referral to it is not a function of USA VALUES,LLC.

The Economic Development Corporations and the Community Development Corporations are generally aware of the significant ROI from Early Reading Skills. However, they will only do what the Businesses, Effective citizen and Schools direct. They know the top shelf economic future is also at risk if the area is not educationally proficient. They do not yet project a solution based on doing first things first. Each area of the country has a mix of these organizations and a few examples are presented here for understanding of the issues. Some areas are beginning to get it.

The Metro Twin Cities

Northern Dakota County in Minnesota

A Regional Discussion in California

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Muck Without FTFRTFT Vision

We have mucked this up for our kids

Literacy is Freedom for only 50% of our Population - It does not work for us or our kids as we dodge the bullets

Who will get it right for our most at risk age 3-6 kids. Our life style is at risk if we don't get reading expectations restructured in the grassroots.

JumpStart- A Very Positive Expectation - Doing Before Overheading

Positive Expectations of Doing

Front Burning Issues

Economics, Education, Emotions and Ethics

Friedman Hopes without Expectation

Cut Here, Invest There -- We Add Do First Things First

Another Positive - Grassroots - But No Leverage - How Do We Get Leverage!


Listening For More Positive Expectation that Our Large Private and Public Institutions Would Just Start Restructuring To Find New Money From Old Money by Doing FTFRTFT

Responsibility For Freedom and Opportunity - Brooks

Pivot To Reinvest in Freedom - Wolfgram

Lets Start to Identify the Snakes in The Grassroots, See Right Column Here and On Other Pages

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