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Give-it-Forward! Power Education’s Innovation! -With the NEW MONEY

USA VALUES, LLC wants to lock onto the 2004 Job Creation Act Repatriated Earnings to back the jump start of 100% ERSD-RA.

The USA is coming together with NEW MONEY. Effective citizens, in power, now have it or are in position to receive it and leverage it. The NEW MONEY is from the Job Creation Act of 2004. It is a “gift” from the Government in 2004 …to arrive in 2005. It still exists, it has grown by compounded rates ofover 10% per year as part of the capital base of our most successful companies. Briefly, the Federal Government set up future investments in domestic job creation with funds brought home that were earned, earmarked and located offshore. These funds were earned offshore, for foreign investment by the US multinational corporations but instead were returned tothe USA. Additionally, the government demonstrated a belief in Corporate America’s effectiveness in job creation and trumped the bet with new tax deductions for the domestic manufacturing expenses of all corporations to provide even more cash for job creation and growth.

Here is an example. “It's been a bonanza for pharmaceutical companies. Drug giant Pfizer Inc. alone is returning a sizable $36.9 billion in overseas profits” quoted from Black Enterprise Magazine. There are many corporations (over 100) who have repatriated in excess of $1 billion under this law. This page has links to articles describing significant cash reserves.

Educators know our society has not registered the importance of the sensitive language learning period for age 3-6 children. On-point discussion with a public kindergarten teacher and the principal convinces the effective citizen that the early reading gifts must be given to all the children to make the most out of these early investments in our classrooms. In some sense we have no choice but to do this FTFRTFT for education and poverty solutions.


Business and effective citizens are promoting this to be very important. Every one has a critical early role.

Links to the USA VALUES, LLC discussion of the 2004 Job Creation Act which is used to create the New Money.

This money could be leveraged to 100% delivery of ERSD-RA without being spent or even put in the bank to support the loans because a pledge of treasury shares at this level is as good as cash. It is needed now by the most at risk children age 0-6. School districts in order to access the money will need to agree that they will pay the bonds or loans back based on innovation and savings from the ERSD-RA.

USA VALUES, LLC has prepared an empty chair skit between baby, schools and business. It is not creating a positive expectation when this skit is separately read by business ora school district. Business and schools must read the skits together and fund its refined production.

Job Creation Act Dollars

Job Creation Act Skit

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USA VALUES, LLC suggests this source of bonding security because of the school and government commitiment to pay back the loan from created innovation and savings.


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