Most Important! We Are Shouting About New Money !!

20 Billion Dollar Bridge Needed For Our Nation's Positive Expectation!!

The education brain development science is now clearly stating that proficiency has a first things first right the first time component. Critical Time Sensitive Development against constraints starts way before kindergarten so it is a community issue.

Ethics would tell us not to leave our most at risk most exposed behind. However sadly, we have done that by virtue of the money available or the money withheld from the innovation. And, generally the most at risk child has not been visible (out of sight and out of mind) until kindergarten.

Could half of the 20 billion already be in the system as Title I and the other half already be in the system as Special Education. Can we bridge to this new money by doing FTFRTFT and then innovate and save once the district has eliminated the gap child by child, year by year by avoiding the gap in the first place?

School Districts have used Title I Federal Money designed to address the at risk population within the law of the land since 1965 but the law has made it somewhat difficult to apply to the Pre-K population outright. It cannot be used for contracted services outright. Title I is a very significant 14 Billion dollars targeted to the at risk population through K-12 public schools.

There will be leaders and followers to make the most of this change. There will be exceptional leading use of these funds to reach the bottom half.

The Federal Government will push the Use of Title I to Pre-K

Complicated but Simple Use of Title I - Doing the Most Good Every District- First Find the Way to Fund Pre-K for the Most At Risk with Title I. Hard to Ask for More if You Don't do This.

Extremely Effective Use of PreK Effort to Avoid the Cost of Special Education

Schools Will Learn to Cut Costs and Demand 100% Readiness For the Dollar

It is Important to Ask the Uncomfortable Question Right Now as We Look for the New Money.

Leadership of a high quality process will define starting ready or evenly as First Things First. If not it needs to be debated. However, once it is debated and defined as first things first, THE EARLY READING, COUNTING AND UNDERSTANDING OF POSITIVE DIRECTION (ERSD) Delivery should no longer be waiting for the new money.

Please read the above sentence, again. Something else needs to wait or be put on hold because ERSD is by definition within a high quality pre-K to Grade 12 process one of the very first things to do that will make everything else different, easier and more productive with greater upside.

The Need For High Quality Habits Will Always Prevail

Muck Without FTFRTFT Vision

We have mucked this up for our kids

Literacy is Freedom for only 50% of our Population - It does not work for us or our kids as we dodge the bullets

Who will get it right for our most at risk age 3-6 kids. Our life style is at risk if we don't get reading expectations restructured in the grassroots.

JumpStart- A Very Positive Expectation - Doing Before Overheading

Positive Expectations of Doing

Front Burning Issues

Economics, Education, Emotions and Ethics

Friedman Hopes without Expectation

Cut Here, Invest There -- We Add Do First Things First

Another Positive - Grassroots - But No Leverage - How Do We Get Leverage!


Listening For More Positive Expectation that Our Large Private and Public Institutions Would Just Start Restructuring To Find New Money From Old Money by Doing FTFRTFT

Responsibility For Freedom and Opportunity - Brooks

Pivot To Reinvest in Freedom - Wolfgram

Lets Start to Identify the Snakes in The Grassroots, See Right Column Here and On Other Pages

Simple Texas Readiness Accountability