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We are Twittering that Paul Ryan and his Balanced Budget Proposed is the Breakthrough to Investing in the Early Reading Skills of the Nations Most At Risk Age 0-6 Children At Risk

Memo to Paul Ryan and Flyer to Break Through to Early Reading Skills Delivered

Business and economics to set the executive veteran owner up to influence delivery of the pre-k children to kindergarten ready to read, count and understand positive direction.

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Choose to work from USA Positive Expectations or USAVALUESCOUPONS Supporting Local Businesses with attraction and saturation marketing for the owner.

Business opportunity that will directly prompt positive expectation messages. The veteran employment opportunity in a local business community will position veterans in a new industry.

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The Distribution Program for USA VALUES, LLC products is in final development. It is being designed to pay the distributor 25-40% of product sales. There is a $100 per year fee to be a distributor.

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Definitions of kindergarten teacher requirements for early learning must lead the way to a new industry guarantee, the use of revenue bonds and business investment, if required.

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Please follow this twitter site, pinpoints the high quality fix to our gapping economic, education, emotions and ethics growth. And more ....

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Real Estate Values are affected because reading converts to employability. Where children are increasingly delivered to kindergarten, in a locality, ready to read, the values will rise because of site selectors.

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Executive Small Business Veterans can reduce start up risks for everyone by advertising to 100% of the residents in a local area network (USA VALUES, LLC media) and supporting other businesses who must do the same with online coupons and twitter followers.

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Success factor clarity is actually work sheeted to see relationships of Positive Expectations, Success Factors, Pay it Forward, the Good Samaritan, Deadly Sins, Fruits of the Spirit, and others

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Report Outlines Early Childhood Quality Rating Improvement System - A Report Requested by the Minnesota Legislature from the Minnesota Departments of Human Services and Education - Proposes Standards and Indicators to Measure the Quality of Early Child Care Programs if a Statewide System were Implemented.

Please Take Special Note Of this report starting on page 40,but you must read page 50 to the end.

The remainder of this section summarizes the consulting team’s qualitative analysis of the major technical/content, system, and policy issues raised by stakeholders. Reporters are listed on page 40.

USA VALUES, LLC thinks they indirectly said it can not work for 100% of the children in the State. Why measure what would be a clear failure of independent businesses in meeting a new government requirement. I ask -- Logic says the private sector customer requirement and industry needs PR and Public Service Messaging and the resources of a steady large "customer" before the delivery resources are added to make it a success for 100% of the age 0-6 children? Along that route of continuous improvement the focus on those most at risk from the bottoms up clearly becomes first things first for the district, not the State or a new Silo within the state.

Report to the State on QRIS


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An Act of God in the Grassroots of Delivered FTFRTFT Early Reading Skills

Soft Cloud Effort with Society's Influence of the Powerful

More Public Service Messaging Needed

Pre-K to Grade 3 Movement Must Come With Guarantee of Readiness if New Money is to be Found

This Community and Businessman Did Not Wait For The Government

Great 5 Year Start - Help This Leverage To Economic Site Selector Benefits

Good For This District, But Is It Enough?

Thanks,Early literacy is freedom; working for less than 50% of USA Kids; Does this work for you? How can this work for you?

Freedom- Important- Alliance to Address Entitlements

Law Enforcement - Fight Crime Invest in Kids - Puts a Big Number on Savings

Clearly The US Chamber of Commerce Tells the Local Chambers to Promote and Support High Quality Preschool Education

Two Examples of Why New Money for 13 Years is Required and Why it is Crirtical that Community Guarantee Readiness to the School District

June 27, 2012, Business Leaders Outline Critical Need For Early Childhood Education at CED Report Event in Detroit, PNC and Kelly Services CEOs Voice Commitment

A National and International Issue Directly Related to Multi-National Corporation Repatriation

USA VALUES, LLC sees the need for FTFRTFT (first things first right the first time) attention everywhere; it sees many a controversy that would be resolved with FTFRTFT thinking that brings out the Socratic pointing to what is first things first…

It is Not Political