Balanced Budgets --- Early Reading Skills Delivered --- Ringing Advantage Possible.

Dear (Fill in Your Name)

Approved state, county and city budgets still need to be passed and many tradeoffs are needed to be certain that all at risk children are ready to read, count and understand positive direction before they start kindergarten. Everyone who understands the gap issues knows this is first thing first and struggles with that reality. The power struggle is necessary but it must start with doing first thing first.

Soon, we will start to make this simply known on the street by everyone who can vote, pay a tax or want an economic opportunity. An investment converted from an expense that will reduce later expenses cannot be anything but first choice. The money is tight; this is important; a continuing breach of the public's trust and responsibility is a costly distraction of talent.

For non-politicians who have received this, please forward it to anyone who will in turn forward it to representatives and senators. Also send it to your elected officials found on the federal, state, county, and city web sites. Simply put - you and both sides of the house and senate, federal, state and local, know the pathway to first thing first and one silo of effective spending. We know when we are not on it. It will be very sad to see a “new normal” budget balanced without doing first things first.

Remember, the 80% middle never has been able to figure out with all the money spent; and all the smart people talking, writing, and deciding; why anyone should be left behind. Every effective citizen can tell a personal story of real improvement sustained when the first thing first is done first. This is an absolute that opens the door to growth economics, education, emotions and ethics as long as the budget is balanced and freedom remains the goal.

This letter introduces the attached PDFs.

Best regards, Tom

Early Reading Skills Delivered - Ringing Advantages

Thomas Wolfgram President-  USA VALUES, LLC

4 Page Flyer about Early Reading Skills Delivered to the Most At Risk

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