Peoples ERSD Trust Account Proposal For Each State

The conclusion that delivering early reading skills (ERSD) to at risk age 3-6 children and their moms is a first things first right the first time (FTFRTFT) activity leads us to change whatever is required to provide the New Money for this activity. This Peoples Trust Account is in the sense of whatever is required to start the discussion. The created present value of positive expectations from Pre-k (PVofPE-Prek) is economic and education growth for our nation.

Our goal is to say pointedly that FTFRTFT means something else has to be given up in an actionable insertion of difference. In the worst case some spending will get bumped to make room for first things first. Use this trust account to work around the can’t, can’t and can’t with a but … BUT BUT bridge to savings.

This account manages to aggregate guarantees from corporations who generally have repatriated earnings under the 2004 Job Recovery Act. (350 Multi-nationals) The purpose is to collateralize new money from long term loans to school districts to expand education support and mentoring services to include Early Reading Skills Delivered to 100% of the at risk age 3-6 children in the district before they start kindergarten.

The loans are made on the basis of the school guarantee. Each loan to the school district has a defined payback based on the number of at risk children that are made ready with the funding. Loans pay interest at the prevailing rates or not. The loan is new money for FTFRTFT education programs offered by the school district’s interface and outreach into the early education capacity of the area serviced by the school district. the spending is designed to create both savings and innovation. It creates 21st century education capacity like buildings did in the 20th century.

The local pre-k capacity will be expanded by the new money as required so that Early Reading Skills are delivered exactly to the requirement of the school district for 100% of the at risk children. Importantly this new education level to start will change every thing in the district.

The following will start a thought that is beyond the basics of the above to really simplify the creation of New Money for ERSD-RA

The state level ERSD Peoples Trust Account spearheads the creation of a state owned bank in the image OF THE NORTH DAKOTA STATE OWNED BANK.

The issue is the state owned back will not behold to private bankers but rather we the people and leverage the people's money. The local districts will have many options to complete the required deliveries with new money.

Everyone wins when this New Money spending creates a $500,000 PVofPE-Prek within each at risk child. Properly managed the local district has the money within themselves, and the multinationals could literally show them this through the science of change managment.

This is not a new concept of New Money Creation. In fact this concept was used to create prosperity in the colonies before the English private bankers stopped the growth and caused the revolutionary war. It was used again to circumvent the private bankers and keep the union together by funding the civil war; keeping the north extremely prosperous; freeing the slaves of the South; and paying the soldiers of the North for their service to WE THE PEOPLE.

KEY POINT!! --When this money is metered into the economy to create the high value of positive expectation in actual children that make up our future it will prove to be a real investment with a payback.-- NOT INFLATIONARY.

State Public Banking Institute

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