Reading Ability Converts to Real Estate Values

USA VALUES LLC asserts that where 100% of the children are newly delivered to kindergarten ready to read; real estate values will rise in 4 to 6 short years as this new value is communicated.

Am I joking? No! I am more or less just reporting and taking it back to first things first. Reading isn’t about real estate values, but reading does convert to employability, which converts to income and GDP, which converts to future financial sustainability and growth rates. Brown zones and ghost towns do not develop by chance. They represent real estate capacity that has inadequate traffic for reasons that can be projected, explained, reversed and most importantly restored.

Real estate values are long-term propositions (projections) that depend on full, square-foot utilization. The education of 100% of our youth is also a critical long-term proposition and, incidentally, the best assurance that our real estate will be fully used and valued.

Just project this, When the economic development corporations can represent highest possible 3rd grade proficiencies because the community actively delivers the children ready this projected education component, lower cost of school, safety and security can be used to draw the best businesses in the nation and world.

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How Good Are We Locally! We Must Capture the Next High Value Business That is Moving Because of High Taxes, High Crime or Poor Education

Locally we must reconnect community and small business to increasing real estate values through demonstrated projected education proficiency! Age 0-6 education is the first base to this demonstration.

Times are changing and businesses are moving for many reasons including quality cost, value, taxes, and cost of public education. There will be winners and losers in these changes and there is not a better way to insure a broad based grassroots winning position.

This is a high risk future if we do not invest in our children, Our future of economic development includes the role of early reading skills

What would this article say if the School Systems were 100% Proficient in 3rd Grade Tests

GDP measures that small business, merchants, service providers, realtors and schools are the first to win when an economic growth event or consistent economic growth takes place. Added traffic impacts utilizations and valuations.

We have all looked at comparative residential values that reflect the school system quality whenever we purchase a new home. Well that value and quality is controllable within the grassroots.

The highest levels of regional business concerns in Minnesota know that everything economic is in play for the 21st century. We must put our best foot forward. We must get our positive share of the change. We must become something special to the site selectors. Every region in the USA is competing and looking for something to be special with or about.