Rick Warren - Put Made for a Mission and Living with a Purpose together with Covey and Crosby

Rick Warren - Purpose Driven Mom and Child Mentoring

Communities and schools must simply put it together.

To be effective for our most at risk children and ourselves we should put Rick Warren’s, Stephen Covey’s, Philip Crosby’s, Gary Heil’s , Dale Carnegie’s, Napoleon Hill’s, and Daniel Goleman’s best work together and conclude that we can at least deliver 100% of the at risk children to kindergarten ready to read, count and understand positive direction. It might be what Jesus would do, some might call it a miracle, it will engage the local church in the local community for a big plus to our community lives now and for a long time into the future.

I know there are other authors with good work that should be mentioned and I am bias with the above list because the above authors are foundational to the for profit business concept of USA VALUES, LLC. They are foundational to the monetization of a value for delivery. Other support for the emotional and ethics side of this work is at

Rick Warren and his work has the potential to bring the Samaritan concepts to the city block and its efforts to get kids ready for a defined even start. The defined even start may have a present value in excess of $600,000 per child on the basis of risk valuation. This is a $20-30 billion new industry on the city streets measured at $4,000 per child per year for 2 years. The concept is already demonstrated that child and mom can be mentored (without physical building expenses) with some level of truthfully required intrusive paternalism.

Yes, yes I know what we have just said may not be politically correct. But politically correct needs a better mold to work with and I suggest the 80% middle that includes the faith based community start to mold it. The fringe to the left and right should be excluded as we get our nation’s economic, education, emotions, and ethics back on track. What is back on track? We can agree to this limited track! We require (because of science) that 100% of the children be ready to read going into kindergarten and 100% of the children to be proficient in the 3rd grade standardized test.

This level of pre-k industry expansion can only work in the for profit sector and a Christian approach to it (including the Samaritan effort, and the guarantee). This pre-k industry expansion is our next step to help the school systems deliver proficiency and opportunity. It includes a much expanded definition of positive expectations sent to elementary teachers and children by mothers in the process of education, community direction and responsibility.

I do not want to take liberty with Rick Warren’s authorship but he calls for our Samaritan Responsibility in Days 36-40. (YOU WERE MADE FOR A MISSION pages 281-320) In many respects we must rise to this challenge soon or our children will not understand the future and our positive expectations for them and our communities.

It is interesting that Rick Warren's message was to the secular and the Christian citizen, and it is well read and respected. I will not take time on this but Days 1-7 pages 17-63 point out, like our founding fathers have said in our founding documents, that it starts with God and he has the reasons and has given us only a partial but clear blue print to work with that is truly linked in our spirit looking for his.