Small Business Risk is Eliminated With Profitable Customer Acquisition

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Small business, work at home business, network marketing business with a local base, require start up marketing-advertising investments.

The best home business insurance plan is one that has a profitable customer acquisition routine.

The best way to have a profitable customer acquisition routine is to provide more value (real and intrinsic) to start than expected and be able to tell everyone locally about it.

Our primary focus on this “extra” is to create the economic path to inexpensively communicate with 100% of the residents in a local area. Let us talk about it if you are thinking about starting a business. You will be successful when you add value to the community in any way and it shows every month.

Media Kit Supporting the Flyer

USA VALUES, LLC has an opportunity for Executive Veterans in areas defined by 80-160,000 residents. You will create a $600-800,000 media company publishing a simple flyer. Optimally you might also send positive expectations to parents teachers and children. We can make this start up almost free when the veteran shows he can

Talk about the New Money to Create the New Delivery of Early Reading Skills

AS THE LEADER you must sustain your profitable position with small business in the local area

Again, You will be successful when you add value to the community and it shows every month

“Post Recession we might be tempted to think small. But there is never a better time to scour the target market for innovation and profit. If we stop thinking of the at risk as a burden and recognize them as value conscious consumers a whole new world of opportunity can open.” -- C.K. Prahalad Author of “The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid” first published in 2004.


New knowledge, new benchmarks, new requirements for truth, services and products, new software, new hardware, new tools, new emotions for doing it that come together within the ultimate concept of me, myself, my family, my children, my community because I am interrelated and I add value.

Example of a Flyer page (See right bottom corner)

Jared Polis a member of the US House of Representatives suggested use "government revenue bonds" for new money contracts that are bridge loans from the past to current to deliver early reading skills to the most at risk.

The point is there is no long term risk to the possibly that the USA will not get back on the growth track of investing in 100% of our kids for our own good. You can be an economic part of that innovation. True, we are stuck now but that is not a risk to you under this plan and you become part of a location becoming unstuck. This is a great opportunity for a seasoned executive

Innovate with Government Revenue Bonds (see page 21 of PPP)

EDC/Business/School/Mentor/Provider New Money Contract

The break from the past where we have overspent and over committed to create the situation of No New Money for Investment in our future as explained by David Walker in Come Back America will be defining.

Running out of cash has a tendency to straighten out one’s priority at the national, state, local, school, church, family and individual levels.

It is Great to Be in America, the land of the second and third chance.

I say this because YOU can make the New Money appear. And YOU can do that as a side bar to sending the public service message as YOUR small business.

Look at what is in store for America and the change it will cause. Some states are in worse shape than the Federal Government because they are out of voter approved borrowing capacity.

Change Forced on US by the Lack of Cash

The Peter G. Peterson Foundation

What is important to you and then the nation in spite of the above lack of cash.

Let us agree that the present value of $1,000,000 over the future 40 years of each at risk child as they create “extra” GDP and reduced government costs of remediation in today’s money at a 5% risk factor is over $600,000. At 25% risk factor it is only $12,000 dollars.

It is important to start building that value for our children. We can move our national debt needle dramatically with just this creation of value.

Right now we loose at least 1,000,000 children nationally per year to the concept of present value creation. That means we squander the present value of them contributing to the tune of at least $600 billion per year. THAT IS A BIG MISS!!

Age 5 - Present Value $600,000 Lost Future Cash Flow

If you are an executive, especially a veteran executive, who has a projected future 6 plus months of no cash flow due to our “recession” we should talk. Your innovation regarding your individual financial risk in using the media kit locally might be a restart for you and a new future for many.


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