Social Distraction - Political Misdirection

It is wild that we as a social community of effective citizens allow the Social Distraction and Political Misdirection. We all agree but you could not tell it from the politicians as they avoid the hard issues. This article lays out for the state and maybe the nation that our political government and public school arguments keep our social networks from doing first things first via distraction.

Social Verses Political

There is small disagreement, if any, that communities as a first and last resort must deliver the kids ready to kindergarten to make progress. All day kindergarten would be absolutely required if 100% of the children showed up ready to read, count and understand positive direction.

So it is a local social issue of every parent and legal organization that money already being spent should be spent first in these developments. It is about old money made new money for new deliveries but our politics distract us from that action. We have not paused to see it simply as high quality first things first.

1. Make sure that 100% of moms know how critical it is that their child is ready to read, count and understand positive direction or else they are behind before they even start kindergarten.

2. Business, schools, churches, organizations and effective citizens must force the local funding to this solution, before kindergarten starts, using district money because that is where the savings will be - with successful delivery.

a. There is plenty of local funding to redirect; it is the most important issue; 80% plus in the population agree; it is less than 1.5% of the school and government budget and less than .2% of retail sales and manufacturing shipments and title I block grant funding per year is generally more than needed if structured to contracts.

b. If not, bridge loans could be a solution because the savings to pay them back are easy to define.

c. Savings in school and government are required and possible when the effective just reach to spend the money on the first things first issue.

• 100% ready and delivered to the kindergarten requirement yields opportunity to change.

• Schools must be guaranteed this delivery to have opportunity to change.

• Contracts signed for each at risk child by the parent, mentor, school and the monitor should include observation, recorded reporting tied to payment that is importantly acted upon. How simple could we make this?

3. High Quality is free! The delivery of 100% ready to read, count, and understand positive direction could be charted to a Pre-k to grade 10 system with substantial savings. Each and every issue in each and every article about the gap would look totally different with increased and individually equal brain capacity as the new input to kindergarten. Effective citizens and organizations have known for 40 years that quality systems call for first things first done right the first time, without fail, as measured against a 100% achievement.

Effectiveness requires that we start with the end in mind. The gap we have is about what we in the community do not do when it should be done distracted by the politics. The politics in school and government are in the way of what should be a community social process of delivery that holds schools and government accountable to the pre-k investment.

4. We are a state and nation of one size fit one developments, markets, and expectations. We should expect each district to reach the old money to make it new for new deliveries differently under the proficiency end in mind definition that already exists but are hidden by political issues. Government schools generally do not do one size fits one before kindergarten well. Our social fabric should stop asking for it. The SOCIAL WILL to create the new money from that money already in the system should overwhelm the local politics and just make it happen without distraction. What is the risk?

5. Lets touch on the value of a $8-10,000 Pre-k Investment in an at risk child. If the risk of that child not reaching the middle class of achievement (extra $1,000,000) is reduced to an annual compounded rate of 5% the present value of that expectation is over $500,000. At 25% annual compounded risk the present value is less than $15,000. The issues to reduce 25% to 5% are many of same social/community issues required to reach 100% delivery year after year. These same social and community issues financially benefit small business, public schools and churches first with local increased capacity utilization.

The private systems to do this are scratch outlined for the entrepreneur innovations at The Public Service Message and administrative cost to do this are covered by the private sector of a new industry so the presentation takes on the concept of growth economics, education, emotions and ethics.

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