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Editor, Author, Contributor, Social Media Expert- Help the grassroots to this education and money.

Social Media Discussion of
-First Things First Right The First Time- (FTFRTFT)
Positive Expectations From Early Reading Skills Delivered 

The social discussion of Positive Expectations from FTFRTFT reading readiness along with the basic media reporting of the concept of first things first right the first time in everything should be considered important to hyperlocal editors, editors, reporters, commentators, and interested parties.

It would be a great service to our nation.

Here are two examples.

School districts spend money hand over fist to meet proficiency goals when 30-70% of the students start kindergarten way behind the C average curve. FTFRTFT might be to avoid falling so far behind with our first dollars spent. That might actually help mother and child and would certainly help the districts.

Greta Van Susteren (Fox) wants to report meaningfully on government spending within the government agencies when a budget does not exist and management control is all about hiding the detail so nobody has to answer to their disrespect of the USA citizen looking for accountability. Lets not even consider an audit. FTFRTFT might be to show some respect to the American People.  Respecting ourselves and our positive expectation needs to start somewhere. 

Question of the People - Media to Help 

How do we get to 100% of the children delivered ready to read to kindergarten? 

First things first right the first time early reading readiness is a 100% agreed on positive expectation that is time sensitive.

 Everybody (social media included) should be saying OMG how do we miss this first thing before kindergarten? And, how complicated can this growth be? 

Putting dollars to the missed opportunity.   The nation is missing at least 1/2 trillion dollars of positive expecation per year at the rate of $500,000 per at risk child not delivered to  kindergarten           ready to read.  

2,000,000 x $500,000 at a PV

So USA VALUES, LLC presents leadership opportunity to the social media marketing consultants who represent they will ignite direct or indirect economic ROI visits.  

We need advised or created stories of doing First things first posted here on the
Act Now Page  

Our Goal is to get the grassroots effective citizen to read the books at 

Perhaps there are 20 or more introductory themes to be used by hyper local editors, reporters, commentators and interested parties and marketing consultants but I will skip them here to just summarize.

1. Positive Expectation from FTFRTFT no choice action required is the ultimate theme.

2. 80-90% agreement makes it not political. It is common dollars and cents pivotal and possible only if we limit the segment attention to age 0-6 at risk children.  Universal Pre-k service is presented by experts to be in the way of providing the real requirement to those children most at risk.

3. It is a short period of new early attention to each child (easy to miss and very costly to miss). Mom or mentor is required in the definition.

4. New Money is available even if it has to be created from old money. Given an ROI, New Money always exists. How do we spend and not do FTFRTFT is a good question and ineffective local leadership.

5. More or bigger government is not desired but 100% ready to read children is first things first. Contracts with the private sector for mentors are assumed. How deliveries are ultimately contracted close to home for the benefit of the school is a good question.  How did this ever get bigger than a school district meeting its own simple requirements via outreach? 

6. Modest partial agreement over new money keeps the peace with those in 2nd, 3rd and 4th place as money moves to FTFRTFT. Change is pain but it is impossible without leadership that powers the system around the status quo.  

7.  Nothing is as painful as losing sight of LITERACY IS FREEDOM, right here at home. 

8. Tom Sawyer play is defined as a requirement within this complex. So is the Freakonomic understanding of change when it is proposed to those in power as simple and cheap but not a cutting with cold hard steel. We need to work with companies that will benefit from repeating the simple truth to the many in the grassroots using the above positioning designed to be fun and cold hard serious.

If you are in front of the public using any form of media and you want to help get things back on track please consider the need to see and talk about what is really first things first. Go here for more

The Grassroots Engagement Target.

The all consuming engagement question is how do we get our Nation to a FTFRTFT -$- YES WE WILL. A local YES statement using the words First Things First Right The First Time applied to all at risk age 0-6 children delivered to kindergarten.  

The USA has 60 territories like Minnesota (5,500,000 citizens) within its 50 states plus DC. Over 9,000 school districts with communities of effective citizens, businesses, teachers, administrators, directors, employees and families would be the target market for social and business engagement. In that mix the courage to intrude is added by the effective.  

The engagement target is huge and aided by social media.  What does the business plan look like?   

See this page for the Content of Published Local Debates and Groups that will be invited to participate in the Local Debates.

FTFRTFT is also a Science of High Quality Change - But Who Knows It;

It needs Social Media Exposure - Help?

Just like capping the gulf oil leak. The truth is everyone has a first things first story to share with the district and many in the district know they are not working or spending on the gap FTFRTFT. Private equity, known for creating new money from high quality continuous improvement has a body of knowledge that will prove to be a part of the solution at some point.

Our most powerful know we can not continue giving rise to differences that separate us -- doing first things first for the at risk age 0-6 child would bring us together for the next steps.  While the school expert coming to FTFRTFT is painful the result for the district and the community served is plus, plus, plus.

More on Social Media Driving Local Debates about FTFRTFT 

Conclusion and Next Steps

USA VALUES, LLC is selling messaging via stories and advertising that additionally supports the unique public service message to moms in the community that ready to read skills before kindergarten are critically important to the success of the child, parent, K-12 schools and the community.

What if doing this ready to read, first things first right the first time (FTFRTFT), was critical to doubling the expected growth rate of the GDP from 2% to 4%?   That is True!!!!

Reaching the grassroots citizens with platforms to create 90% agreement supported by delivery is the peaceful early learning gift (fruit of the spirit workaround) to overcome the status quo externalities holding sway, delay and control.

It is possible in the USA with new technologies and social media to just get on with 100% reading readiness before kindergarten.

Also, defined as "Literacy is Freedom"

Leave the powerful behind holding the bag.

We should talk about the business proposal to use the above to drive traffic to your sites. I will call you, go to the Act Now Page (top left link on and send a message. 


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