Success Factor Clarity or Ambiguity in the USA

It can not be emphasized enough that a child must be ready to read prior to kindergarten to prevent falling behind in the future. This is the first message that the community must send expecting that 100% will be ready.

Yes, Utopia! But stick with the elements because we have to progress. We picked the following set of messages as a stalker because they are designed for age 3-12 children and are positively supported by secular stories.

There are enough of them so you can line out what YOU do not like.

Positive Expectations that are also USA Success Factors

Brief on Opportunity -- ASSETS and ATTRIBUTES

Brief to Civility

Teachers Can Pull This All Together For Free By Just Reading Stories in Support of the Message

Introduction to Messages and Stories

The Effective and Give it Forward

It will take a miracle to deliver 100% of the children ready to read to kindergarten!!! Where are the Samaritans? The Christians? The Common Sense?

Let’s tell real stories about the common sense of first thing first right the first time