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Today's Children Tomorrow's Future

Today's Children Tomorrow's Future

This Blog with its most recent entries reposts email messages to large corporation CEOs to listen to them about our reminding that they are the only source of power remaining to influence school districts to find and deliver, first things first, the most at risk children, ready to read, starting kindergarten.

The benefit missed is that everything in public education would change for the better with this new level of input. There is really no choice but to do this first, right the first time. There are too many children lost and too much wasted money on change/remedial processes directly tied to not doing first things first.

The attention pre-k is getting now does not address 100% of the most at risk at a level of quality to expect a real improvement in the K-12 systems. Large business would not accept the plan to spend alot more for just a little better. They have processes that are not being accepted as relevant.

In an effort to focus on value creation we could register that 50% of the children start kindergarten not ready to read, count, and understand positive direction. The investment activity to deliver the most at-risk to kindergarten with theses skills requires a Samaritan’s focus but also adds to value directly.

Not giving early reading skills to the most at-risk to start kindergarten is the first public measure of the gap created by us. This would cost less than .002 of 2005 published manufacturing shipments and retail sales. How small. Effective citizens wonder why it is not already fixed, The ROI is huge and the ethic of not doing this is...

Many issues are in the way of this and have to be made second. There are powerful players in all four divisions of government, including central banking that would choose to work on our education, economics, emotional and ethical problems to their benefit first and foremost, but…

Fact is these skills are critical to the economics, education, community, safety, security and family foundations and early is the time to create the disruption. If these skills were delivered, the neighborhood would be critically different and cost significantly less to grow and maintain.

Christian thought and unconditional giving have been excluded from many public schools; Secular thinking and desires for funding prevail short of the unconditional gift required to be certain that a child is not lost before kindergarten.

The following Blog – Ultimate Character Development- makes reference to Harris Rosen in Orlando and what he does in a local neighborhood with his private resources. It is cool, he is a First Class Samaritan prompting the thinking that every community should simply have more than a few of these.

Should Churches Become Intrusively Paternalistic with Contracted New Monies for New Deliveries

Ultimate Character Development Network

Ultimate Character Education Network

This blog provides the elementary school principal or an executive director the plan and materials to create the ultimate character network for developing at risk children so they will never be significantly behind in reading proficiency and never be locked out of future opportunities and choices.

Networks must be developed to deliver early reading skills to the most at-risk children like they exist for all other children. The at risk child is just not in the right network.

I know that you are likely to be effective and therefore interested in the education, economic, emotional, and ethical gap. The gap is expensive, un-American and detracts from opportunity and growth.

We are creating a company (an LLC) owned by Veterans to be substantially staffed by disabled veterans. They will use the 911 commission report as their justification for promoting an agenda of opportunity in the USA that requires early reading skills delivered before kindergarten to at-risk children based on recent science.

The 911 Commission Report of Effective Citizens says “literacy is freedom”-page 377. Page 379- “A comprehensive US strategy to counter terrorism … opportunities for people… to enhance prospects for their children's future". USA VALUES, LLC would add, certainly, that also applies at home, and starts with early reading skills for each and every child in the USA.

Our nation has ordered our veterans, as soldiers, to rebuild nations and communities rather than take land and spoils for the last 100 years of international engagement. Recently, the USA contributed our military veterans to the confident, growing multinational growth markets in the name of world prosperity, security and freedom but forgot about our urban dysfunction.

The new money to bridge the delivery of these skills exists when 100% of the children are literacy and character ready when they start kindergarten. We cannot afford to lose any possible executive citizen interest in doing first -things -first -right -the -first -time. Being effective includes picking the right next bottleneck for capacity creation; in the factory, in the office, and in the urban community in front of kindergarten. company, on the street and in the nation.