Honor the Veteran Skill Set with This Economic Opportunity

The Executive Veteran skill set brings home the value creation processes that established world economic markets and placed USA multinational businesses in the lead. The Executive Veteran Employment Opportunity Act could be enhanced to position veterans within business so that every child is ready to read starting in kindergarten in the USA.

In some respects business, schools, preschools and churches are locked into separate power silos and positions that just do not cover the gaps. The influence of a veteran who has sacrificed time, limbs and friends for the USA's freedom would set appropriate local priorities by government, schools and business.

Make no mistake it is a game of local power and our at risk children are very low on the attention scale but very high on the ROI opportunity list. We are at risk of saying the same about our returning executive veterans. Low on the attention scale but very high on the ROI opportunity list.

Power Allows Rights

Would it help to talk about Responsibility and Freedom because it is not free? Let’s take the time to Google Responsibility and Freedom to arrive at the understanding that rights exist in the space that power allows.

A military service person (now a veteran) has represented the USA overseas with tremendous power attempting to create individual rights. How do we make individualism uncomplicatedly clear to age 0-12 children as a foundation? The most basic concept of success through individualism is often missing in our messaging. It is a first things first important issue to growing our children to look for fewer entitlements, require fewer regulations and grow with greater emotional and ethical intelligence. Locally our at risk mom and child have the "rights" but lack the power to gather the most basic of individual assets and attributes that give them meaningful access to equal opportunity. Much can be done with a focus on the child.

Insist that the child receive the opportunity. Mom with mentor will figure a way to move the child and maybe even the family to the next level. These messages have meaning in the sense of power, individual rights and freedoms. So tell the stories that support the messages.

Positive Expectations (or Veteran Skill Set)

Time is critical to the message about delivered early reading skills. Attention then grows into the messages of assets and attributes of opportunity and success. Literacy and a combination of personal assets and attributes are freedom and the source of individual opportunity. Asset and attribute acquisition is considered an "extra curriculum" in urban public school settings. The character, values, assets, and attributes of positive expectations as reflected above could be taught by the teachers to preschool and elementary children in the USA. But nobody would present this first before reading and math. Momentum is lost when early reading skills are not delivered during the ages of 3-6.

Success Factor Clarity in the USA

We need many local projects of Success Factor Clarity in the USA. The outline of this clarity could be started from Success Factors.

This positioning of assets and attributes will also launch the secular good in the Faith Base and Christian potentials to help with our struggling public schools and community generational poverty.

Most importantly effective citizens and veterans have to put forth their positive expectations with the stories that support them.

WOW! We need 80% of the citizens to represent that the messages and stories told to our mixing pot of children are shared expectations of success. With a ready to read start, these children might never become at risk because of first things first efforts.

We should use History and Stories To Create the Reason We Look to the Skill Sets of the Veteran.


911 Commission Report – This story directly sets the veteran up for this work IN THE WORLD and at home. Nobody in their right mind would deny them the opportunity to be in business with this national issue after 50 years of failed Government and Civilian Effort to Spread Literacy locally.

It is critical that veterans own a local media business to sustain themselves before they help the community with other messaging and delivery parts. These veterans will use / promote The 911 Commission Report recommendation to “stress educational and economic opportunity” to enhance the children's future individual rights, freedoms and responsibilities. The report states:

An Agenda of Opportunity- The United States and its friends can stress educational and economic opportunity. The United Nations has rightly equated "literacy as freedom" (p. 377).

Recommendation: A comprehensive US strategy to counter terrorism (safety and security) should include economic policies that encourage development, more open societies, and opportunities for people to improve the lives of their families and to enhance prospects for their children's future (p. 379).

USA VALUES LLC believes this should certainly apply at home as well as abroad and should start as early as possible for each and every child in the USA.


The world has no match for the positioned US military service person stationed overseas and the resulting veteran has a liberty and nation-building role here at home, as well. With our commitment to other nations demonstrated, we have no reason to accept a gap at home in our delivery of “literacy is freedom”.


Certain veterans have the faith, rigor, commitment and intensity to believe goodwill comes from their efforts. Goodwill from their effort! Faith, Hope and Charity from their effort! Common Sense from their effort in 1776, and now. This leads right to the base Declaration of Independence, a Constitution and a Bill of Rights.

Let's not forget to reflect on the debt and gratitude for the positive expectations for the worldwide economic plus generated by the world wide industrial complex. (using the USA middle class)

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