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You-Personally Could Consider this Written to You

For xxxxxxxxxxxx and yyyyyyyyyyyyy

Dear xxxxxxxxxxxxxx and yyyyyyyyyyyyyy,

Hope all is well xxxxxxxx as you chase the spending against no budget, responsibility, audit, control or respect. It is really tough to even watch.

Hope all is well with you yyyyyyyyyyy in your expanding presentation and coverage of conservative but not angry viewpoints. It seems like you both are doing well. You-Personally both have the ability to generate discussions uniquely that in turn gets decision makers thinking. First things first right the first time (FTFRTFT) is another basic unique approach to thinking. It is missed in so many situations, and the grassroots have lost faith in the powers because so basically understood by the folks are not boiled by you with this in mind.

An example of this is the delivery of early reading skills for our most at risk children and how everything would be different if 100% of the children showed up for kindergarten ready to read, count and understand positive direction. But that is just one issue – and there are many.

Where it really gets interesting is in the consideration of no choice change . Why is simple, cheap common sense not desired by the powerful? Because they will experience externalities as explained by the Super Freakonomic Master - Steven Levitt. This combined with FTFRTFT will give you popular, consistent, controversial, softball and funny conservatism over a broad range of issues for the grassroots.


Perhaps this will explain what amounts to a science (adapt its application to reporting and education).   FTFRTFT is a science used by turnaround experts and equity players. It allows for proper thinking and consideration (plus or minus) of time and money already spent, now being spent, and planned. Not considering first thing first allows the powerful way too much room for the status quote and misdirection while Rome burns, the Titanic sinks or mayors ignore the Christians in the city corner churches who have purpose to love the neighborhood.  It is sad that we have wandered so far from common sense. Our kids will not be calling us smart if we can’t even ask the right question. 

There are just so many important issues ignored by the powerful because somebody does not think to position first things first and simple. This one-two tact could take you into every market when used broadly; yyyyyyyyy - perhaps that is your tact with your simple government book; xxxxxxxxx perhaps it is time to get every department of the government audited and MOTIVATED on the basis of first things first respect and responsibility to we the people.

Every editor and commentator has a reason to tweet the concepts of FTFRTFT.  That means everyone whowantsto,make a positive point to the public could be in a leadership point of the Values-Pos-Pad and our grassroots would have first things first in place to require the powerful to consider simple, cheap, and common sense. 

I would like to call, if you would give me the invitation to do so.

Thomas WolfgramPresident- USA VALUES, LLC

651-735-3018; Cell 612-968-1579

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