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Early Literacy Is Freedom

Those Effective Have No Choice

The PSM Must be Sent First Things First

PVofPE-PreK is more than $500,000 Due to the Brain Development Science and Real Positive Expectations

The Picture of the Ready to Read Gap

Savings from Ready to Read Can be Used to Payback Investments

Heckman's Equation to a ROI

Quality Matters - Create Traditional Customer Defined Quality

Leadership Requires Intrusive Paternalism

Faith Base Access

Leverage Veteran Leadership Skills

If you are an effective citizen or consider yourself an influencer we want your input on at least these issues and others as you see fit. These issues are integrated within the site and tagged as critical to change. They are aggregated here as points of discussion so you can easily go to them and add to them as desired.

Further, this issue of being ready can take on the themes of economic, education, emotional and ethical change. These are very strong legs of support and reasons the PSM should be readily understood and acted upon. Action needs a minimum of $8-10,000 per at risk child over 2 years to guarantee the child is ready to read starting kindergarten.


We believe the Christian Church and the Faith Base has a role in the delivery of this readiness. The church street corner locations are just plain strategic with a focus on age 0-6 children.

We are "reserving" the executive positions of expansion for veterans because they have gained unique awareness skills and learned to lead in the "world of literacy is freedom and the key to opportunity". They have learned to build schools and communities and wonder about the home front in the same light.


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An Act of God in the Grassroots of Delivered FTFRTFT Early Reading Skills

Soft Cloud Effort with Society's Influence of the Powerful

More Public Service Messaging Needed

Pre-K to Grade 3 Movement Must Come With Guarantee of Readiness if New Money is to be Found

This Community and Businessman Did Not Wait For The Government

Great 5 Year Start - Help This Leverage To Economic Site Selector Benefits

Good For This District, But Is It Enough?

Thanks,Early literacy is freedom; working for less than 50% of USA Kids; Does this work for you? How can this work for you?

Freedom- Important- Alliance to Address Entitlements

Law Enforcement - Fight Crime Invest in Kids - Puts a Big Number on Savings

Clearly The US Chamber of Commerce Tells the Local Chambers to Promote and Support High Quality Preschool Education

Two Examples of Why New Money for 13 Years is Required and Why it is Crirtical that Community Guarantee Readiness to the School District

June 27, 2012, Business Leaders Outline Critical Need For Early Childhood Education at CED Report Event in Detroit, PNC and Kelly Services CEOs Voice Commitment

A National and International Issue Directly Related to Multi-National Corporation Repatriation

USA VALUES, LLC sees the need for FTFRTFT (first things first right the first time) attention everywhere; it sees many a controversy that would be resolved with FTFRTFT thinking that brings out the Socratic pointing to what is first things first…

It is Not Political