Effective Citizens Make Investments Every Day of the Year

The company, the CEO and effective citizens are part of the higher profile “business” community leading those who pay for our schools and public sector. The CEO has to measure in on this issue as a leader, employer, and citizen.

With vision, the group above can see that Early Reading Skills delivered to at risk children creates value. Causing more valuable brain synaptic closings removes a constraint from the system and the child. It sets up growth for the child and the system. There is no downside in the sense that quality is free. A new base creates the new unlimited upside just like a computer chip.

Positive Expectations from Investment

Let us also imagine the opposite in each case. No adults, No smiles, No joy, No perspective on the part of the child as to what is missing. Less Individual Positive Expectations and Less Societal and Corporate Positive Expectations.

Can you imagine the present value of the positive expectation in the above picture? And, then its opposite? We don't picture it here because it is all negative. The Education GAP is real. We want you to imagine the bottom half of the bottom half so it is personal.

There is nothing a child can do to change his or her situation. But if we are effective we know it is pay now or pay more later driven by what happens early in the life of a child and the support of a caring adult.

Mentors can be caring adults. A page has been reserved for each supporter (effective citizen) in this light. It is not possible for us to accept a rejection of participation without a reason. The community needs to know the leaders who are up to creating present values of positive expectations from real incremental brain synaptic development of our most at risk children.

The purchase of public service messaging DOES NOT include the delivery activity to children. In fact USA VALUES,LLC. leaves this world to the children development experts.

The lowest cost approach to this (based on our limited study0 is a suggested mentor of mother and child for 2-2.5 years before kindergarten contracted by the school district. No brick and mortar facility or classroom organization skills are required. The world has moved on from the constraints of the building.

Obviously, there are many ways to be successful in the delivery to a child. We think attitude makes the difference one size fits one. Your leadership is required to make QUALITY IS FREE. WE CAN AFFORD TO MAKE QUALITY IS FREE. USA VALUES, LLC CAN SHOW YOU THE DETAILS.

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