High Quality Outcomes from Networks Between Organizations

This website supports advertising and promotions around the high quality theme that 100% of the children should be delivered to kindergarten ready to read, count and understand positive direction by each and every community. This 100% concept is high quality thinking and when a guarantee is required by the school district for payment of the child ready, entire silos of government spending can be questioned.

These links will clarify with PDF articles found on the web some of the high quality challenges that exist in getting to the truth and integrity of developing solid delivery systems based on First things first.

The State of Minnesota has no intention to clearly put forth the simple pre-k requirement for ready to read, counting and understanding positive direction.

Our at risk children are not 100% addressed by the voluntary requirements being developed to address QRIS and School Readiness. The gap left in the system becomes a child behind. This missing link to high quality effectiveness shows within 60 days of starting kindergarten.

As you are reading the next link you will see that the professionals in the provider mix are clearly saying that the indicators are too complex to help deliver the most at risk. There is no reason to align overly complex requirements that are systems can not deliver.

Not Complicated - Already Supported by Curriculum and Materials Digested to Be Delivered One Size Fits One