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To be clear Thomas Wolfgram does not have professional child care or preschool teacher/administrator experience. He does have many profitable business experiences as CFO, COO, President or Consultant built on meeting customer requirements. The customer requirements behind this web site are about building a for profit industry all important to the success of our children. Additionally, the requirements must be inside the individual success factors needed by our nation, states, businesses, communities and churches. Hold me accountable to that statement. Review the highlight of this site here. YOU HAVE A ROLE.

Thomas D. Wolfgram Resume

YOUR attraction marketing process can easily be leveraged into your communities success driven in part by you if we just talk about it. Think about a "Development" where 80% of the population agree and only the influence of a relative few in each county and city are required to bridge to new money for new deliveries to avoid new taxes.

Lets innovate and deliver 100% of the children ready in the opinion of the best kindergarten teachers. Most all the resources already exist in each community.


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In a related field (not to be confused with why people are attracted to you and how that can be positively used to send expectations) Tom Wolfgram has started up a 70 child infant, toddler and preschool child care and Montessori school business with his wife as the professional lead teacher and administrator.

He has noted how simple materials really help to teach reading with one size fits one assistance from an adult. He has seen positive messages and stories turn into positive expectations. He can vision local mentoring businesses that guarantee early reading skills delivered to the public school systems from a base high quality preschool much like his wife's.

Julie Wolfgram has documented this early reading skills delivery process in an Early Reading Workbook and Kit available on the web.

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