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Quality Is Free

Philip Crosby says that "It is always lower cost to do it right the first time if you are working on being error free with the right and most significant measured requirement. Low cost is an error free process on the most important outcome.

Do First Things First

"To be Highly Effective - Steven Covey suggests YOU do first things first."

The Theory of Constraint Made Popular by Eliyahu Goldratt

Solutions at the Source of the "Mistake"

When you dedicate yourself to solving the problem at its source to actually make quality free there are only a limited number of questions to ask within the system of improvement and the system should never quit asking. Automatically truth will take you to first things first, it is not a choice. —

Theory of Constraints

Baldrige National and State Quality Programs


A solution within the private sector means that value is being added to society that self sustains. If societal problems are solved by the private sector with lowest cost approaches the public sector benefits. The concept of significant government contracted outsourcing (license) is a new growth business in many disciplines.

The USA VALUES LLC business proposal is that any executive veteran who knows in his heart that timely and sensitive Early Reading Skills Delivered to at risk children are really the ticket to demonstrated individual freedom to succeed can start his own business or grow one that we start for him.

The Executive Veteran will be intrusively paternalistic in a good way and force into the open view the truth of those at risk of not receiving the early reading skills. The cost to deliver the skills is $8-10,000 per child over 2 years before kindergarten. Once delivered to the requirement of the kindergarten teacher the child has a present value of at least $500,000. This value is realized when literacy is honored one size fits one in the community as the ticket for the child’s entry into the middle.

The middle is first shown by being proficient in grades 3 to 8 by state and national testing in language and math. There may be better ways but this is the way we have at the moment.

The veteran will naturally pull the community to high quality with the focus on first things first right the first time with guaranteed delivery to the requirement. Everyone must know so the need to publish the public service message actually sustains the veteran in the local advertising and promotion business.

He naturally raises the funding challenge of $8-10,000 per at risk child, with the messages sent to moms by business; raises the focus of moms, children, mentors, teachers, providers, every business, every church, every school and every organization to what is first things first.

Veteran Innovation/Intrusion

Always working with the truth (lowest cost best quality results) with everyone above creates the voluntary reshuffle of the resources to first things first deliveries. Only the truth has this kind of power.

The truth is “Delivery of Early Reading Skills is a Critical Gift. Without the Gift, All Children are Behind Before They Start Kindergarten”.

It is the most important first things first lowest cost unconditional gift that must be given to all children or else they are behind. Some children get this gift within the family unit. Some children will need to have the gift imposed via a mentor of mom and child. Point is everyone local wins when 100% delivery to kindergarten becomes reality.

How do we know --“Delivery of Early Reading Skills is a Critical Gift. Without the Gift, All Children are Behind Before They Start Kindergarten”-- is the true first things first solution to our gaps?

Continuous improvement via total conformance to first things first requirements through the process of dependent events is a science of high quality expectations.

The quality systems will use the understanding of constraints to find a lower cost (child by child) if one exists. Tangelo Park has demonstrated this outcome.

Trust a quality truth that the system of process, production capability, and defined failure points, to be avoided, will, if given a chance, move to find the truth at the lowest cost in the grassroots.

Trust the quality experts that a one size fits one solution at the source is always better than any other possible solution.