Effective Habits, Quality and Game Changes

This website supports advertising and promotions around the high quality theme that 100% of the children should be delivered to kindergarten ready to read, count and understand positive direction by each and every community.

Effective habits demonstrated by communities are positive expectations in themselves. Game changing is suggested by the theme of “Early Reading Skills Delivered - Ringing Advantages”.

Stephen Covey has a “first things first” perspective while Gary Heil and Philip Crosby and Eliyahu Goldratt present basic and simple perspectives on an applicable demonstrated quality cost improvement process.

100% ready to read delivery to kindergarten is first things first for a community and pays for itself in short order. It is the only first things first constraint to focus on until accomplished. All spending with a higher priority should be questioned. Once first things first is accomplished everything looks different.

By what method will you help innovation? The goal is 100% proficiency starting in kindergarten and in 3rd grade and beyond.

We could have positive expectations that our vacant spaces are filled with high quality companies and entrepreneurs.

We could have positive expectations that our education systems top the innovation charts. Who knows what is possible? See the right column (first four) postings on this page.

This unedited site has many discussions of 21st century effectiveness. But, there is only one FTFRTFT thing to do. Early Reading Skills Delivered, Ringing Advantages! Leadership must deal with what are we doing instead of this.


Use the following to make sure YOU are effective

A combination of private equity, mentors, contracts by child and parent and guarantees to kindergarten teachers together with a process of “first things first” done right the first time has the potential to deliver 100% of at-risk children to kindergarten ready.

This alone will have a positive and game-changing impact on the community for a long time into the future. This will skyrocket the school district and community’s economic, education, emotion and ethic value. Such an increase in value validates the worth of the effort put into the unique process.

Phillip Crosby is about doing it right the first time

Stephen Covey is all about Effective Habits

Eliyahu Goldratt is about The Goal of Staying in Business and Using Constraints to Increase Throughput at Reduced Costs

Huge Market for Quality Professionals

Baldrige National Quality Definition

Gary Heil

Daniel Goleman

Napoleon Hill

Dale Carnegie

A very high return results from our concentration on our at risk children.

It is imperative that early reading skills are provided, without exception, for all at risk children and this must begin early, occurring between the ages of 0-6. Parents of children who are not at risk have already put this early delivery of necessary skills in place. This should be viewed as a basic guide because it works.

The purpose of this Web site is to promote this concept as an entrepreneurial opportunity. A focus on positive expectations by parents, teachers and the community would be supported when customer requirements are defined, paid for and guaranteed. Applying business terminology and processes to what has traditionally been a government, school or non-profit endeavor may be difficult.

Change managers are available.

What we are doing now is not working, so why would we not change? This change needs to come from the grassroots. Experts exist to help everyone to the goal, questions, constraints, variables,and dependent process events.

Change is key to the process and openness to change will guide you through this site’s many twists, turns and options for your help at several levels.

Please click the image for the Heckman Equation. See what a Nobel Award winning economist has to say about what we must do for our kids, their future and ours.

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