An Act of God in the Grassroots of Delivered FTFRTFT Early Reading Skills

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Everyone with equity must want to say - We expect more from our government and public education dollar spent on our most at risk children early in their life.

Nobody wants to close out a 6 year old child from life’s opportunity without an adequate gift effort from one with equity to another with much less equity.

But will the gift reach 100% of the most at risk.

Some want to call the transfer an entitlement. But, our unique program and public service message of solution (a buy and sell business) calls it a gift with a huge ROI.

It should not matter what it is called.

If the gift of Early Reading Skills is delivered to 100% of our children age 0-6; If Ready to Read, Count and Understand Positive Direction before starting kindergarten is made real by those with equity for those without; then, every argument in our nation will change. That means the argument moves up the first things first chain of proficiency that is so important to everyone’s secular future.

This is a first things first right the first time (FTFRTFT) high quality continuous improvement for our society. It has a huge ROI. $10,000 spent for a PVofPE-Prek of $500,000.

Some understand FTFRTFT better than others. Migrating the concept to grassroots education reform makes those who understand this concept courageous good samaritans.

Only the lack of courage will prevent these FTFRTFT deliveries and benefits at the local district level; and, we have every reason to be courageous.

2,000,000 kids each year show up behind the “C” curve for public education and 1,000,000 of those will be hopelessly behind (never a positive expectation) at the end of the 3rd grade. The courage to intrude from the bottoms up is the key to an ROI that changes everything.

Why will this be a miracle when it is just being a good samaritan? Why do we now focus on some children too late and then we roll right into being less than totally effective “big buck” good samaritans?

Think this is reasonable and secular? Matthew 18:10 rolled right into Luke 10:25-37? Why not see the at risk child at age 0-6 first things first (can’t walk past the risk, angels are watching) in the context of the good samaritan. Seeing that the risk to 100% avoidance of the gap is best attended to at least two years before kindergarten seems to be in place. But, what will it take to see it as first things first right the first time?

Might the real miracle (Act of God) be in the powerful helping avoid the risk in the first place for the money already being spent? Do you believe the ROI for the powerful would be outstanding as the arguments about progress move up the critical chain of grades? Expect a miracle ROI from our weakest links in the critical chain? Can it be this simple?

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Do you get it?