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USA VALUES LLC is a start-up advertising, promotion, and public relations company building the "Early Reading Skills Delivered -- Ringing Advantages" brand. It sells advertising and provides "free" communication services (supported by local advertising dollars) for the purpose of changing attitudes via the Public Service Message. The requirement is that 100% (each and every) child must have early reading skills, be counting, and understand positive direction entering kindergarten to be "USA ADVANTAGED IN FREEDOM".


More Public Service Messaging is Needed Per Education Experts

More Promotion Required Per National and Local Chambers of Commerce

These are the media kits used by the business.

Business to Consumer Media Kit

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The US Military veteran executive has the opportunity and positive expectations needed to fill the gaps. In general everything proposed herein has been proven effective standing alone as an intervention. This site is a wide proposal with a simple First Things First Right the First Time agenda for those who control outcomes of our most at risk age 3-6 children.

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Links to knowledge of the ROI of Early Reading Skills Delivered (PVofPE-Prek)with a challenge that $10,000 spent has a present value of more than $500,000.

Simply Stated Monetized $500,000 Positive Expectation.

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We know you want an end in mind summary. End in Mind What appears to be complicated, intrusive and controversial is simply, Not!

Links to the knowledge of Early Brain Development Science.

The science is not broadly used for our most at risk children by our education and government systems. Smarter Starts. It is true – the brain synaptic closings developed during the early years by exposure to order, literacy, and positive directions are a form of created value. See also a new set of this documentation organized by ReadyNation here. The Brain Science of Early Childhood.

As it turns out there are many presentations of this early brain development going back in my very limited records to the work of Dr. Maria Montessori in the early 1990s. It will be a powerful solution by the power players in our nation when new money is located/created and spent for the new deliveries to at risk children. Below you can find a link to the Heckman Equation stating the most signifcant return belongs to those investing in the most at risk and ReadyNation that desires to explain the brain science to the private sector in a drive to show growth economics dependent in part on our progress with at risk children.

The intrusion of high quality concepts on the Money That Powers the Business Silos and powers the Education Silos in reality is nothing compared to drill sergeant tough love kindness. Intrusive Paternalism,(as defined by David Brooks and Colin Powell).

We define High Quality with the Traditional Service Industry Method of preventing exceptions in order to stay in business. High-Quality

The connections of these parts to asset acquisition/retention that is needed to exit poverty through education of child, man and women in the 21st century are right under the surface of delivering 100% of the children to kindergarten ready to read. Pivot To Freedom

USA VALUES, LLC is about private equity solutions that replicate now and become part of the economy now. The private sector business of Literacy is Freedom will expand and replicate to the demand that truly exists if deliveries are monetized and guaranteed. It will take a miracle for our society to focus on 100% of the at risk children as a solution and that miracle is within our grasp, God willing. Acts of God

To view Thomas Wolfgram's credentials click here. Set a phone appointment with him at this link. Thomas Wolfgram Published Credentials. He is creating the local small business advertising and promotion of a public service message in print and on line. The local executive veterans will also call for the use of High Quality processes and professionals who understand FTFRTFT. Ultimately the local efforts will be tied together by... and opportunity.

These issues addressed in this site are of national prominence.

The subject matter is covered head to foot with national discussions. Great Examples of the daily discussion that you can read and comment on.

Daily K-12 Education Developments,

Daily Pre-K Developments,

Educations Call For A Bold Approach

Professor Heckman Say It All Very Well

Pew Trusts had all the Facts and Advocates for Government Solutions See the Partnership for Economic Success focus on Early Education that has been moved to America's Promise - An effort by Ret. General Colin Powell to Invest in At Risk Children.

The effort as it relates to Early Education is located and titled ReadyNation. Cheers to the fact that the effort continues and it has a much stronger focus on the large business private sector as a source for lasting solutions.

Education Commission of the States Check out the Pre-K to 3 Banner.

Mission Readiness

Chamber of Commerce Pre-K Efforts Check out Our Focus

Fight Crime- Invest in Kids Law Enforcement Efforts

USA VALUES, LLC. believes federal and state taxes are not going to be increased for at risk age 0-6 children. Regardless we have no choice that new deliveries be made using monies already in the silos of public spending. October 2010 Pew Report on the Attitude Around Spending

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Executive Retired Veteran - CEOs - School Districts - Effective Citizens - ERSD-RA - PVofPE-Prek - FTFRTFT - $8-10,000 for $500,000

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