Letter to Schools and Government About How to Do 100 Percent Early Reading Skills Delivered To Kindergarten, Right Now!

Dear CEOs and Representatives in Governments and Schools

You got our attention asking HOW the district could motivate the community, business and the local Pre-K Industry to deliver 100% of the children ready to read to kindergarten. The site is prepared to deal with how and who,what where when and why.

Briefly, USA VALUES, LLC prompts that action, as a business. The concept that the district is able and willing to pay back the NEW MONEY bridge loan for 100% reading readiness over the next 13 years is the key to the start of a formal targeted USA VALUES, LLC effort.

Our energy and funding comes from the results of the public service message in the grassroots, several business leverages and public policy change. USA VALUES will start sending the message, make advertising and promotion sales, and align the pre-k industry in the defined community to offer a guarantee. The USA VALUES effort is without a fee because of the advertising and promotion business. Important two links.

This Site's Highlights

Imagine 100% of At Risk Children Ready for Kindergarten at Your Direction

The best example of the education growth based on an interested business person is here where the businessman, Harris Rosen, just funded it (since 1997-$8,000,000) to make it easy on himself and his limited community. He has a personal perspective for being bottom line effective and looks for less overhead and less federal government. His perspective works for these times. We can be acting for positive results now because this process does not depend on more federal government competition for even less money. He is open to questions and discussion the last time I looked at his sites.

A Program That Works

Because districts are willing to pay the investment back from savings and innovation, the districts get to fairly set the requirement and insist on a 100% guarantee of each child’s readiness. Discipline and commitment flow to the industry.

The district will need to look at its FTFRTFT High Quality Continuous Improvement Process using traditional business definitions of requirements and error cause avoidance. The important understanding of constraining bottlenecks and costs are very simple concepts used in the service industry for the last 30 years. District position is to purchase readiness. The pre-k industry will become a new industry based on the new cash flow addressing the local 100% early reading delivery capacity that has a focus on the most at risk first.

The concept of district willingness forms the sustaining influence of the US Military executive veteran that incrementally looks at first things first by the business and schools focused on K-12 proficiency. The grassroots middle (flooded with routine messages) will gain the public policy clout to influence the new policy change as reflected here.

We should not be afraid to recognize (repeat) the level of leadership demonstrated by President Lincoln in pursuit of the common good (Freedom). He had to find a new supply of money to win the civil war.

The Story of President Lincoln and his Creation of New Money for We the People's Freedom Leads us to Consider the People's Early Reading Skills Delivered Trust Account

You can see from these links the first things first moving parts and constituencies, new courage, motivation, intrusion, and discipline to address this 150 year old problem of at risk education and generational poverty. This plan is presented against the odds of changing the local establishments.

We have a broken confidence in the federal level of government with private banking debt constraints at both state and federal levels. This brokenness has to make us think about what is next and how will our most at risk be considered i9n our next steps.

TRUTH IS We have No Choice --- We must insert a New Positive Expectation Acting Like Cold Hard Steel

This plan has the inserted US military executive veteran’s focus on new money and unwritten support from the likes of Fight Crime- Invest in Kids, Mission Readiness, National Chamber of Commerce - ICW Committee, Age 3 to Grade 3 Proficiency Movements, Federal and State Professional Quality Councils.

It uses a sustaining cash flow business of local advertising and promotion to sustain and build a value in messaging and change.

Politically the “right” will act on K-12 agreement and expectation for Savings and Innovation. Importantly they must believe savings will pay back the bridge. The “left” will act on a New Money Bridge for K-12 Education. Importantly they must believe the money will flow for 13 or shorter years as required. 100% of at risk age 0-6 kids must be made ready to read pre-k as a solution or else the business of promotion and advertising will not have a lasting meaningful value.

Best regards,

Early Reading Skills Delivered - Ringing Advantages

Thomas Wolfgram President- USA VALUES, LLC


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