This Site is Purposed to Prompt with kindness the Private Sector Side of the Federal Reserve Bank To Be Fair in the Use of Monetary Policy Powers.  The FED is Unfair in its Program for Those Without Financial Assets who also have Little Support from Strong Emotional and Ethical Assets, Attributes and Positive Expectations. 

This is Distinctly Different from Those Who Own Financial Assets. 

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Futuristically About Fed Leadership and Opportunities 

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Sent: Wednesday, January 29, 2020 12:21 PM
To: 'Ombudsman' <>
Subject: Futuristically Writing About Your Leadership

We have sent this to reach the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank and the FOMC; and the Chairman of the Community Advisory Committee charged with providing feedback regarding the Community Reinvestment Act. 

What will change everything in a real true first things first ultimate end in mind growth education, economic, emotions and ethics outcome for those classes of individual citizens who today have little and see little or no opportunity.  In the future they could have early in life soft assets and see adequate opportunity for 85 years into the future.  The truth is one can be bold enough to see and describe a God Dependent Future for the poor in earth or heavenly spirit or Spirit when you trust God as stated on our money.

Please start with this base knowledge.  The opportunity is in the private sector networks of these already written ideas and efforts.  Of course, these ideas and efforts can be matched to others that are similar, but that is not the purpose of the list.  The list is to be read and studied and worked into the platform for future leadership of the most powerful private sector company in the world.  Of course, other published materials could strengthen the platform.

Really, what is first things first at the point that 90% of WE THE PEOPLE would agree?  This plan is about improving the influence of poor and middle class mothers to insist that her child is really ready to read before kindergarten.  Moms are important elements of the 90% of individuals who have positive expectations  and want to make certain her children are not negatively gapped away from true growth education, economics, emotions and ethics.  We address that by adding the mentoring of mother

and child to be really ready to read before kindergarten (math and a positive expectation are part of that).  Her influence combined with a ready child speaks volumes to the public and private Pre-k to

Grade 8 education system.  We do her a disservice when she does not learn about best early outcomes in time to influence the outcome she expects for herself and her child.

A tremendous level of operational and financial power is created when a process of dependent events starts with this.  Each of these experts stand on their own.  Put together they form a real powerful change method.  Philip Crosby makes the point that quality is free when first things first are done right the first time.  Stephen Covey makes the point that first things first, being proactive, and starting with the end in mind are the first three habits of being effective.  Eli Goldratt makes the point that the first thing to do is always elevate the process bottleneck for more throughput.  In the system of education gaps the bottleneck is the lack of early reading skills starting kindergarten.  The disparity starts earlier.  In fact, it is about children completely missing the sensitive period to learning language

during the age of 3 to 6 so they are behind others, forever. The top of the quality scale has gotten more significant in the last 15 years with the marketing of education toys and hand activity based learning materials to the least at risk.  Brain synaptic closings that include reading, writing and order in the early years are units of time sensitive outcomes.

Perhaps the Disconnected Kids, once it is connected to the Scandal of Money is the fastest way to see the end in mind.  Our private sector leadership would be talking about each of these concepts and actions (dots) in connection of information and networks with money value attached to represent a totally new way forward.

Time before the age of 6 is finite and constrained.  Created brain synaptic closings within that time frame are not yet seen as money.  Government delivery, pricing and individual elites want to refrain from recording measured units evident in age 0-6 outcomes of individual age 0-6 children. This is a fatal politically correct flaw. The alignment of learning activities for “risk free” “gap reduction” success would pay for Early Reading Skills Delivered for a Ringing Advantage (ERSD-RA).  The limited one-on-one activities were clearly written in terms of units of outcomes for parents and private sectors over 30 years ago. 

There is gold to be mined between the collective ears of the children with more money than god to realize its value rather than cost.  When we get past the misunderstandings above, (excellent smart people doing good work but not best work, without individual next step conclusion at age 6) we will have created a LONG/DEEP new monetary base of Brain Synaptic Closings (monetized units) with real money value based on good, better and best expected observable markers.  Outcomes and risk reduction by age 0-6 are evident and in plain sight.

USA VALUES, LLC. did not make up the economics.  They work in accordance with basic economic growth and wealth expectations as presented by George Gilder of the Discovery Institute in his writings.  His writing match and cover the Big Agenda Plan and the 10 Point Urban Plan all the way through monetary policy. This is an important match up of this literature covering half the population and a politic expecting new opportunity.   

*Wealth and Poverty – A New Edition for the 21st Century, published in 2012 by Regnery Publishing Inc.  *Knowledge and Power - The Information Theory of Capitalism and How it is Revolutionizing Our World, published in 2013 by Regnery Publishing Inc.  *The Scandal of Money - Why Wall Street Recovers but the Economy Never Does, published in 2016 by Regnery Publishing/Salem Media Group.  From this, you will be able to create a new Presidential System of Growth and Prosperity that goes all the way to contributing to the In God We Trust official money system of the nation.  Growth, driving prosperity and money into our next 100 years from one major powerful new platform of private sector influence.  The private sector would no longer have to worry that urban America never gets a chance to understand growth economics, education, emotions and ethics early enough to make a difference because that is a building block built into being really ready to read.  Requirements will become common knowledge. 

This is everything needed within the 10,000 school districts in our nation to start the FTFRTFT journey in public and private systems of Pre-K to grade 12.  First Things First, Right the First Time (FTFRTFT), One Size Fits One, As Required.  Society is a system of dependent events, and outcomes can be constrained or released one-size-fits-one.  Demonstrated outcomes, step by step, can be rearranged to remove the bottlenecks and capacity constraints to drastically improve throughputs.  Best is private sector business.  There are hundreds of ways to say this; but there is only one set of activities that has been demonstrated to be first things first.  It now is supported by the science of brain synaptic closings.

Perhaps this is just too simple of an outline of those activities that will prove to be required first things First.  This outline for societal growth economics, education, emotions and ethic is about good, better and best.  Read chapter 28 of the Absorbent Mind by Maria Montessori written at the end of World War II.  I will send it as an email to you if you wish, just ask for it via email.  

Ben Bernanke proved to the world that the Federal Reserve Banking System (FED) is the strongest private sector company in the world.  It has more money than small case god; It earns 100 billion dollars per year, or whatever it wants, on a base operation under 5 billion; It started giving interest on excess reserves (a new asset class that it created) to the primary banks in 2008 and this now is a gift of over 30 billion dollars per year to 35 private sector corporations; It proves everyday it can print monetary policy money, as needed within its function of monetary policy based on the goals of the elite acting for WE THE PEOPLE.  This is done in a halfhearted spirit of seeking, seeing some but not achieving main street growth economics, education, emotions and ethic.

The workings in our society has been balancing full employment, inflation and asset value mechanics for growth “behind the curtain” that we the people do not see.  The FED is concerned with the security and safety of the private sector.  To benefit from FED action we the people must have money in some asset class.  Many in the USA (over 50%) do not have money.  The FED is the only private sector company strong enough (has the Money) to pull our gapped society of private sector individuals out of the ditch that creates disparities in each and every set of positive expectations for growth economics, education, emotions, and ethics.  Being listed last this actually becomes the first constraint to solve and the gifting of constraint busting money, sure to reach urban moms with at risk age 0-6 children, matches perfectly to the monetary policy of the FED for the last 12 years.


·         Age 0-6 Brain Synaptic Closings are time sensitive and valuable

·         Early Education if it is to create special outcomes must be higher and highest quality.

·         Good better and best outcomes are a result of higher and highest quality expectations. 

·         Few if any larger urban school districts are successful representing higher and highest quality.

·         There are high quality pre-k deliveries in the juggernaut of outcomes.  They are rare in the urban public sector deliveries and they are often supported directly by parental efforts. 

·         There are values to be assigned using the present value of positive expectations from Pre-k (PVofPE-Prek) to good, better and best deliveries.

·         The value assigned using PVofPE-Prek can be owned, counted and blockchained regardless of who paid for the development and created outcome to support the high-quality start of kindergarten.

·         The private sector owns for a private return the purchase of high-quality readiness for kindergarten.  There is a cost of this readiness.  There is a market value of this readiness.  The process already exists.

·         Private sector ownership versus public sector ownership thinking must include the fatal conceit of socialism per F.A. Hayek and the Tragedy of the Commons per Garrett Hardin. We must not cook the geese that lay the Golden Eggs.

·         The FED has the power to align good, better and best early education outcomes with private sector values (money) in innovation of the money systems leading to a change of everything for urban mother and child in the future.

·         The FED has the power to purchase the Federal Education Department for its network to be aligned to the individual outcome within the ownerships of the private sector.

·         There is reporting on precious metal reserves to offset deficits

·         There is reporting on federal assets at market value to offset deficits

·         There is reporting on private sector values of everything owned at market value to offset deficits

Thomas D. Wolfgram


Early Reading Skills Delivered

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Copyright © 2020 By Thomas D. Wolfgram

Footing for this effort

See The Biggest Lie in the History of Christianity, written by Mathew Kelly in 2018 where he shares and defines a Holy Moment on earth that can be delivered by everyone on earth.  The ASK above is a 100% top to bottom change to the real life of mom and age 0-6 child.  Selflessness and grace will be filled with humility, cooperation, discipline and other fruit of the spirit (page 58) if the reading of the book and adoption of its simplicity becomes real.

I pray to God that the email marches sent to the Federal Reserve Bank (FED) are viewed as a private individual’s good deed representing his or hers’ “Holy Moment”.  A free speech acting with the belief that only our Christian God has the power to generate the intended outcome of equal opportunity based on the individual’s desired intention to influence first things first growth education, economics, emotions and ethic.  Our private sector can still deliver Holy Moments, and delivery is the most basic happiness an individual can have because selflessness generates self-esteem and confidence. Sending of this email letter will astound the nation but will also increase the fruit of selfless attention to those around us (page 68).  Page 69 ties the whole concept to Mother Teresa and our secular mess.  Page 79 assures us that this differential will change everything about the futu


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USA Positive Expectations are detailed though-out this site in the right columns.  

Values, assets, attributes, messages and stories all run together creating civility in a spectrum of absolutes on the right and less absolute (relative) ranging in degree to the left. 

What messages supported by stories do we want to send our age 0-6 children?

I am suggesting, just to start the concept, that grace and curtesy before Justice be a default and at least these messages be sent. 

If these KINDNESS MESSAGES are sent the message of Justice will logically follow with appropriate understanding and  foundation.     

Be Helping

Be Sharing

Be Playing

Be Listening

Be Smiling

Say I'm Sorry

Say Please

Be Thinking

Be Right and Truthful

Be Fair

Be Happy

Be Smart

Help Yourself

Be Growing

Say Excuse Me

Be Excited

Take Turns

Be Humble

Say Thank you

Be Working

Be Polite

Age appropriate civility is important; Equal starts to kindergarten with ready to read and count skill sets are important.  

Assets, Attributes, Positive Expectations 





































More From USA VALUES, Meanings are brought out within the email letters to the FED.  See # posts at the left. 

Start with End in Mind

First-Things-First (FTF)


Present Value of Positive Expectation from Pre-k (PVofPE-Prek)


Early Reading Skills Delivered for Ringing Advantage (High-Quality ERSD-RA)

First Things First Right the First Time (FTFRTFT)

10 Values before 3rd Grade











4 More Values After 3rd Grade





For Those who wish for an Old Testament Biblical Basis 

Reverence for the Lord as the One and Only

Reverence for the Family

Reverence for Life

Reverence for Private Property

Personal Responsibility

Prohibition of Envy

Do not Lie

Do not Steal