This Site is Purposed to Prompt with kindness the Private Sector Side of the Federal Reserve Bank To Be Fair in the Use of Monetary Policy Powers.  The FED is Unfair in its Program for Those Without Financial Assets who also have Little Support from Strong Emotional and Ethical Assets, Attributes and Positive Expectations. 

This is Distinctly Different from Those Who Own Financial Assets. 

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Introducing George Gilder's Scandal of Money - Source to Redefine Growth Education, Economics, Emotions and Ethics

#6 From: <>
Sent: Friday, 4/21/2020 10:17 am

To: 'Ombudsman' <>
Subject: Introducing George Gilders Scandal of Money

We have sent this to reach the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank and the FOMC; and the Chairman of the Community Advisory Committee charged with providing feedback regarding the Community Reinvestment Act.

In the last 5 email letters we noted how the FED adversely impacts the projected presence of the private sector by letting our society think monetary policy is government power rather than private sector economic power.  We complained about your email system that does not allow direct access to the leadership.  We introduced the belief in God the Father as being critical to our positive expectation that the FED could be more fair and see that financial asset protections includes the need for soft asset creation.  Soft asset creation could in the normal course of an individual’s 85 years cause more financial asset ownership (economic growth) within the private sector future.  More high quality first things first continuous improvement of early education outcomes would solve the fairness issue for our nation, and we are laying the fairness issue at your feet, because of your power.

“Fairness can be subjective, but everyone feels it when it is real and when it generates joy and happiness.  A child who is ready to read at age 6 is most joyful and joins mom in a new positive expectation.  This outcome requires you to release the constraint on best early learning one-

size-fits-one inside the private sector before the age of 6.  You can pay for that (a gift) if you can bail out trillions of financial assets over a couple of years.  The financial risk to an outstanding ROI presented by paid mentor deliveries to a motivated mother and child is low.”

We now are doubling down on that as the private sector FED provides the new money for itself and the government’s war on COVID-19 at the rate of 5-10 trillion dollars over the next 5-10 years.  We provided a library booklist showing the book covers to better understand the base knowledge, scope, and breath of the discussions that you must consider as you innovate for continuous improvement.  The war on COVID-19 is going to prompt you to innovate faster and there is no reason to ignore the need to do first things first for the guaranteed best result. The cat is truly out of the bag.

Our 5th email letter to you sets the stage for our continual ask for fairness in how you apply monetary policy to the period of time after the USA wins the war on COVID-19.  Starting with the formal refinement of full employment to first things first high-quality full employment as each nation on earth competes to restore its expected growth in the present value of future nominal GDP.  With all the pumping of constraint busting new money going into the restoration of the economy it just makes sense that a short new 6 year initial focus on early kindergarten readiness by a mentor and mom warrant the attention of the most powerful within the private sector.  The Elementary Federal Education Department, if made a part of the private sector, might really set a new stage of expected education outcomes.  It certainly would shake things up for a new perspective that only the FED could provide within the concept of high-quality full employment.

“The education system will change with God given natural choices if a civil society delivers the children really ready to read, count, understand positive expectations to kindergarten.  Especially when moms get help from a “mentor system” that continuously improves based on annual outcomes.  This focus is supported by the age 0-6 brain science.  The same brain science that could support market values based on good, better, best, outcomes within the private sector creation of new brain gold money reserves.” 

The breath of the future discussion is going to include these keywords and phrases.  Many of them created to apply to the 15-20 points.  Many of these can be googled to reach sections of the websites created.  Brain Gold Reserves and Mining, Present Value, Positive Expectation, PVofPE-Prek, PVofPE-FNGDP, First Things First, FTF-High Quality, Early Reading Skills Delivered,  ERSD-RA-High Quality, First Things First Right the First Time, FTFRTFT-High Quality, NewOldMoney, USAVALUES, Montessori Self Correcting Activities, hand Based Early Learning Brain Developments, Freedom and Choice, Influence, Modern Concept of Full Employment, Private Sector Monetary Policy, First Things First and the End in Mind.  

An introduction to the concept of New Brain Gold Reserves relies on the written words of George Gilder and his discussion of Why Wall Street Recovers But The Economy Never Does - The Scandal of Money.

Please have someone you trust review this work with an eye toward the difference between gold, receipt money in the reserve and confidence money (FIAT) in the reserve.  Ask your trusted associate to write a book report for our review as I am interested in just how far the FED has to go to create its own receipt money currency based on monetized brain synaptic closings that are extra knowledge and networks to be created based on a newly created private sector definition of good, better and best outcomes.   Page 160 of this futuristic thinking of George Gilder includes collaboration from the American Principles Project.  The application of this thinking to USAVALUES brain gold and the USAVALUES debit bond is stretched from that thinking by Thomas Wolfgram.

Here are about half of the points to consider at the highest level of innovation.


Real money if it is to be created and supported beyond the public confidence elements must be tied to time that cannot be reversed or replaced but can be wasted if not used.  The USA need to create some real money like gold or oil reserves to offset the deficits being incurred.  Real Money is not more confidence money.  The creation within the private sector due to monetized early learning would be stored as receipted reserves against the public sector debt.  Why?...


Brain synaptic closings on literacy, math and order within the measure of 6 years from birth could be made to equal a measure of money by the most powerful private sector company in the world as a monetary policy tool.   The value of good better and best measured units of outcomes has been hidden by government pricing and services for the most at risk. The elites and others are willing to pay, for early readiness and understand, but do not share with all the first things first important knowledge.


A newly created work and productivity for mentors, mom, and child before age 7 is naturally tied to the human nature of opportunity, justice and fairness of creating more knowledge, networks, order, agreement and peace.  This works to defy the concept of zero interest rates and created fiat money.  The six-year time elapsed when the brain is most sensitive to learning language, math and order has value based on the outcome and even sets the expectation of normal risk critical to the concept of “risk free” 2% as the base.  Society if sitting without everyone making progress is going backwards.  The risk of real entropy is a rule of physics.  Does gold spoil, does oil spoil, does brain synaptic closings on literacy and math spoil?  The human being is a created element starting before birth.  How fast does entropy set in?  Montessori hand-based learning materials are only one way to assist the creation of knowledge networks and circuits (21st century money).  Given the stagnation present, a first things first (FTF) focus on the brain synaptic circuits within the human brain before the age of 7 will explode the value of the nation if it is done in the private sector to achieve better and best outcomes.


When the value of time is allowed to fluctuate without regard to a unit of created knowledge, or as in the past a created real money structure serving as stored value the money system has moved to the Government and Wall Street based on trading, speculation, and manipulation versus work and thrift over time.  The USA has taken the whole world in this direction and our private sector future leaders can put this back into a bottle that cannot be matched by any other nation by simply creating a value for first things first worst, bad, good, better and best unit outcomes of early reading, math and positive expectations from order achieved during the ages of 0-6 by the most diverse nation in the world with the strongest bill of rights.  This incremental value accounted for with block chain receipts is large enough to pay off or reserve against the national debt of the past.  This value is based on the USA unique mix of continuous improvement of Capitalism, Christianity, and Constitution.  The building blocks to this value are the assertions of private sector PVofPE-Prek and the PVofPE-FNGDP.  The Present Value of Positive Expectations from Pre-k and Future Nominal GDP are concepts that our nation must embrace versus universal income from a fiat money base.  At present the trillions of dollars missed each year still dwarfs the new national debt incurred each year so it is important to see this as a way out of the hole being created by the government.


It is impossible to get away from the fact that value and wealth is connected knowledge in the 21st century.  Growth in learning and connection is governed by working, faith, specific expectation, scarcity, irreversibility of time, order and entropy.  Only the FED with its private sector power to gift 20-30 billion dollars per year for 30 years can capture what our society has managed to leak into nothing over the past 55 years.  This is the physics of true connections and continuous improvement of the real systems and individuals relied upon to contribute and take away from the future nominal GDP.  Stifled opportunity is gross injustice.  Opportunity missed because a gift is not received on time when all others are receiving the gift earlier and earliest is the source of unfairness and inequality.  This happens because success is not dependent on first things first work available on USA Main Street.  Rather between the Government, Wall Street, trading, speculation, and manipulation work and thrift over time has lost its worth and virtue.  This is reason enough to expect, promote and work for the private sector middle/lower class achievement of best early learning as created new wealth and money.  This speaks directly to the 1977 Community Reinvestment Act under significant duress.


The government cannot create better and best results when that quality of outcome requires an individual to individual gift of time and attention to details.  See the tragedy of the commons, rights, ownership and happiness are leading lights in the USA.   Time is irreversible and scarce as it applies to synaptic brain connections being developed or not during the ages of 0-6.  Getting those connections to form on knowledge when they are cascading to 90% of the development in 6 short years could be seen as helping a child gather all the gold possible from a constant common flow before the sixth or seventh birthday. Repeating time is scarce and irreversible and requires the gift of individual time and attention to details.  In terms of a positive expectation we are creating a present value of $150,000; $300,000; $450,000; $600,000; or $750,000; for worst, bad, good, better and best outcomes at age 6 going into kindergarten.  The private sector delivers the child to the education system with an expectation for what the child will learn as an individual and what the child will contribute to the 80 year going forward total.  First things first continuous improvement requires the private sector correct the expectation of the public sector.  Only the most powerful organization in the private sector can put dollars of receipt money to those individual outcomes expecting a gross improvement on the future nominal GDP of the nation.  That improvement in present value based on a mentored input of $10,000 to $15,000 over 2 years has less of an ROI than the cost/profit structure of the heroin trade -- so the high return on early reading skills delivered is demonstrated reasonable to the good side of society.  Ask about the value of the positive expectation created by a parent who has done the work to expect their child to go onto college and get a productive 4-year degree at age 22.  The very basic reason is to expect the child to achieve earnings of at least 3.5 million dollars in a lifetime of 85 years subject to normal risk, security, safety, stability, adaptability, flexibility and a valuable first things first start.   

Letter email 7 will expand on the last point of letter email 6 above with the concept of the USAVALUES Debit Bond created by the FED or a FAKE FED.  Today with no government approval needed a new monetary policy tool could be created.  New Monetary Policy Tools have never been approved by the government before use and integration with the US Treasury.  This is just the way it works in crisis; innovation, evolution, and bottleneck capacity satisfaction dealing with immediate “financial bubbles” and too big to fail debt.  Now we can add to the cause of monetary policy the work stoppage due to a virus.

Cheers.    Hope to hear from you. It would be respectful to know the letter emails are reaching the intended leadership.  

Thomas D. Wolfgram


Early Reading Skills Delivered

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Copyright © 2020 By Thomas D. Wolfgram


Footing for this effort

See The Biggest Lie in the History of Christianity, written by Mathew Kelly in 2018 where he shares and defines a Holy Moment on earth that can be delivered by everyone on earth.  The ASK above is a 100% top to bottom change to the real life of mom and age 0-6 child.  Selflessness and grace will be filled with humility, cooperation, discipline and other fruit of the spirit (page 58) if the reading of the book and adoption of its simplicity becomes real.


I pray to God that the email marches sent to the Federal Reserve Bank (FED) are viewed as a private individual’s good deed representing his or hers’ “Holy Moment”.  A free speech acting with the belief that only our Christian God has the power to generate the intended outcome of equal opportunity based on the individual’s desired intention to influence first things first growth education, economics, emotions and ethic.  Our private sector can still deliver Holy Moments, and delivery is the most basic happiness an individual can have because selflessness generates self-esteem and confidence. Sending of this email letter will astound the nation but will also increase the fruit of selfless attention to those around us (page 68).  Page 69 ties the whole concept to Mother Teresa and our secular mess.  Page 79 assures us that this differential will change everything about the future of the nation.


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USA Positive Expectations are detailed though-out this site in the right columns.  

Values, assets, attributes, messages and stories all run together creating civility in a spectrum of absolutes on the right and less absolute (relative) ranging in degree to the left. 

What messages supported by stories do we want to send our age 0-6 children?

I am suggesting, just to start the concept, that grace and curtesy before Justice be a default and at least these messages be sent. 

If these KINDNESS MESSAGES are sent the message of Justice will logically follow with appropriate understanding and  foundation.     

Be Helping

Be Sharing

Be Playing

Be Listening

Be Smiling

Say I'm Sorry

Say Please

Be Thinking

Be Right and Truthful

Be Fair

Be Happy

Be Smart

Help Yourself

Be Growing

Say Excuse Me

Be Excited

Take Turns

Be Humble

Say Thank you

Be Working

Be Polite

Age appropriate civility is important; Equal starts to kindergarten with ready to read and count skill sets are important.  

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Early Reading Skills Delivered for Ringing Advantage (High-Quality ERSD-RA)

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