This Site is Purposed to Prompt with kindness the Private Sector Side of the Federal Reserve Bank To Be Fair in the Use of Monetary Policy Powers.  The FED is Unfair in its Program for Those Without Financial Assets who also have Little Support from Strong Emotional and Ethical Assets, Attributes and Positive Expectations. 

This is Distinctly Different from Those Who Own Financial Assets. 

The Email March on the FED is detailed by the content on this website.  You join the Email March by joining this site. You inform yourself by understanding and contacting us about the email letters and this site. This service is for sale to effective citizens and we pay you to comment and improve on the letters and the content as the site moves in kindness to prompt the private sector FED to influence the at risk citizens with effective fair action. The 1977 Community Reinvestment Act is not first things first action. The emails here can be downloaded for your needs. They are also the numbered tabs on the left index

The Email March on the Influencers of Kindness messaging to all age 0-6 children is detailed by pages A-F located at the bottom of the left column. You join the Email March to create this kindness influence. See the membership page to get started.  You inform yourself by understanding and contacting us about the Kindness influence. This service is for sale to effective citizens and we pay you to comment and improve on the letters and the content as the site moves with kindness to prompt the private sector influencers. Six letters to encourage influencers to be sent by effective citizens are presented.  They are encouraging the use of the truth reflected in the right column.  See the membership page to get started.

Before You Read This Page, Please Read the Membership Page for Perspective 

Protest Email Letters

The FED Is the Most Significant Influencer and Enabler of Something for Nothing Poison of Society in the USA, It must be addressed from the Top and the Bottom

I. Letters to the Influencers of Kindness from the Bottom 

Use LinkedIn, Alignable and many other sources to acquire as customers executives and citizens to influence Kindness as defined with prayer and email letters that encourage influencers to influence those doing the age 0-6 messaging.

Customers of Positive Expectations Services will send the emails to influencers.

Influencers are those who have influence over the age 0-6 children.  Basically parents and those one or two levels above the child .  (Principals, Directors or teachers)

Our prospect has to feel he or she can, and must, and will impact and address the chaos, clowns, hate, envy, segregation, Self-centered identification, tribal focus, censored speech, negative expectations, promotion of less than better and best outcomes, something for nothing thinking and other disintegrations of civility. 

The address is simple.  Expect and actively promote kindness within a positive expectation of work and charity that culminates in age 0-6 children understanding Grace and Curtesy.  At least half of our members will understand and use the power of prayer and the super power of the Holy Spirit.  There should be no question that Christians are praying for a revival of God’s grace, peace and joy within society’s return to civility.

Grace and Curtesy is listed in the right column of this website and defined to be a focus on kindness, within the constraints and limits of justice (respect and law and order).  This is so basic to a first-things-first start it ends up being published on each page of the site.   

These Capped Messages of Kindness must be sent by Influencers of all age 0--6 children to create a first things first impact on the next generation.


Positive Expectations then go beyond this list to include positive expectations, ready to read and count at good, better and best levels before kindergarten or first grade.

Is this simple or not? 

There is no place for the selfish and prideful with these messages in full bloom and everyone will be expected to use them to restructure secular civility.  Christian social morality (family, work, charity, hope and faith) double downs on the above with the fruit of the Spirit. 

Letters to the Influencers of Kindness from the Bottom 

A. You have a mission greater than yourself

B. The Chaos in society is real bad and is consuming positive expectations for civility

C. Consider a personal process goal of prayer to a higher power or just confidence that addresses KINDNESS to offset evil.

D. It works! It will create positive time in the public sector community that cannot be disputed.

E. I am praying for you.  Many are praying for you so you have higher power working your influence.

F. Christian or not, at least secular civility created with KINDNESS will return the nation to reasonable expectations of civility.  Christian social morality from the level of many churches will sweep the nation into God's blessing because HE promised.

The six letters will be repeated with another influencer of influencers.  Or without further direction they will be just repeated.  The point is the paid membership will be prompted to send letters each month for twelve months.

II. Letters to the FED and Top of the Nation

The numbered pages indexed on the left are the email Letters to the FED in protest of unfair monetary policy that disadvantages moms with age 0-6 at risk children to the point it creates education, economic, emotions, and ethics (EEEE) disparities in local communities. These disparities are for a life-time.  If they did not exist everything would be different.  The FED can fix this over 20-30 years with the same tools they used to fix 2008 for investors and home-owners; and in 2020 to fight the economic soon to become education, emotion and ethic  impact of COVID 19.  The FED will need to pivot like Saul's pivot to St. Paul to encourage the private sector to insist that something for nothing spending and money velocity contributes to first-things-first poison of work attitudes, families, real charity and hope of continuous improvement.

These letters present 15-20 Dots; well written books by authors without considering that together they are the first things first to do.  Eliminating (to the extent possible) unequal opportunity from the start knowing that being equal in all aspects of existing is not possible.  The 15 dots are presented here

This has the adult focused on the child and not themselves.  Every Child Matters.  The design of all this is to go back to 1965 and do equal rights first things first from the private sector rather than the public sector.  There must be an energy to get it right the second time around.  Lord know everyone has thought about it.  Lord knows society has hit a constraining wall with it.

Letters to the FED and Top of the Nation

#1   Private Sector Banking

#2   Protesting Unfair use of Monetary Policy (interest on          excess reserves)

#3   End in Mind

#4   Futuristically Writing About Your Leadership

#5   Futuristically Writing About Your Leadership After              COVID

#6   Introducing George Gilder's Scandal of Money

#7  Continue Introduction of George Gilder’s Scandal of              Money

#8   First Things First Right The First Time (FTFRTFT)

#9  High-Quality within First Things First Right The First         Time   (FTFRTFT)

#10  Influences - One for the US Treasury Deficit and One           for local (EEEE) Education Economic, Emotions and           Ethic

#11  Systemic Racism yes and no

#12  Racism and selfishness do not focus on the child                   first things first

More letters to the FED (see left column) .........

The System Pays You to Retweet

We Pay You to Say it Better.  We Pay You to Understand Your Pieces To Promote Positive Expectations 

There are Three Pricing Programs to the Protest Creating NewOldMoney

You Pay for Your Membership using PayPal per the Instructions at Moneyagogo.  See the Page at the Left

The Individual Program

·         One new member pays $150.00 via PayPal to be set up as a member and prompted by operations to send at least 12 email letters from one of the two programs

·         The new member recruits at least 4 other new members for a refund of $37.50 each.  This is a return on the original cost of $150.00.

·         There is no limit to the number of followers and friends that can be brought into membership so any member can monetize their base beyond the cost of an annual membership.

·         Additionally 20% of the membership ($30.00) is put into a Development Fund to pay members for work they do that is related to the website mission. Such work, beyond the protest letters, is added content for parent, teacher, mentor presentations to children to create added positive expectations of child development and civility.

The individual program expectantly and optionally expands to a Group Program with the focus of local leadership to cover a school or neighborhood with kindness.  The group is formally defined so it can be formally rewarded with the payment of NewOldMoney.  When the goal is reached the program, or segment of the program ends and 20% of gross membership fees is paid via PayPal to the  authorized leader of the program.


·         Organizations like churches, foundations, corporations, think tanks, issue organizations, left-right-middle political parties, etc. can raise funds for their mission.  The process requires the organization reconcile its message to an extension influencing the FED to stop spewing moral hazard at every turn or the KINDNESS messaging to age 0-6 children.  The organization and USA VALUES work together to create a one two punch where the second punch is totally incremental funds for the organizations primary mission.  

The Custom Program

·         Custom programs of affiliation will be created because there is no end to opportunities that start with doing first things first, right the first time, one size fits one if required.  There will be added efforts, proofs of work, programs, corporations, etc. that will deliver a new influence on mother and child under the heading of earliest growth economics, education, emotions and ethics.  Kindness is only the start to messaging success and continuous improvment.

The Civility Program's MORE

.     It is mentioned above that 20% of the subscription is reserved for members to be paid via PayPal to create content that expands on the reality of civility for age 0-12 children.  USA VALUES, LLC will publish expansions as parts of the website pages outlined by the left column.  The whole of the private sector positive expectation of civility is presented outlinishly for expansion.  Members additionally restate the values, assets, attributes, messages, stories and graphics on this site. This is an outline for use with age 0-12 children to continue with the nation's renewal of civility.  Click on Friendship to the left for an example.  Or read the right column for keyword summary of a positive expectation beyond outcomes of language and math bringing us together with the focus on the children's future.  

Equal starts at age 6 need to be followed with the substance of equal opportunity.  There is no charge to non-members using this content with the children.  USA VALUES, LLC will pay members within its budget to expand this content to be truly USA as seen by the individual.


Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

Please enter the word that you see below.


USA Positive Expectations are detailed though-out this site in the right columns.  

Values, assets, attributes, messages and stories all run together creating civility in a spectrum of absolutes on the right and less absolute (relative) ranging in degree to the left. 

What messages supported by stories do we want to send our age 0-6 children?

I am suggesting, just to start the concept, that grace and curtesy before Justice be a default and at least these messages be sent. 

If these KINDNESS MESSAGES are sent the message of Justice will logically follow with appropriate understanding and  foundation.     

Be Helping

Be Sharing

Be Playing

Be Listening

Be Smiling

Say I'm Sorry

Say Please

Be Thinking

Be Right and Truthful

Be Fair

Be Happy

Be Smart

Help Yourself

Be Growing

Say Excuse Me

Be Excited

Take Turns

Be Humble

Say Thank you

Be Working

Be Polite

Age appropriate civility is important; Equal starts to kindergarten with ready to read and count skill sets are important.  

Assets, Attributes, Positive Expectations 





































More From USA VALUES, Meanings are brought out within the email letters to the FED.  See # posts at the left. 

Start with End in Mind

First-Things-First (FTF)


Present Value of Positive Expectation from Pre-k (PVofPE-Prek)


Early Reading Skills Delivered for Ringing Advantage (High-Quality ERSD-RA)

First Things First Right the First Time (FTFRTFT)

10 Values before 3rd Grade











4 More Values After 3rd Grade





For Those who wish for an Old Testament Biblical Basis 

Reverence for the Lord as the One and Only

Reverence for the Family

Reverence for Life

Reverence for Private Property

Personal Responsibility

Prohibition of Envy

Do not Lie

Do not Steal