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This is Distinctly Different from Those Who Own Financial Assets. 

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Highest-Quality Change Method Uses FTFRTFT to Remove Bottlenecks

#9 From: <>
Sent: Monday, 5/31/2020 11:59 am

To: 'Ombudsman' <>
Subject: High-Quality within First Things First Right The First Time (FTFRTFT)

We have sent this to reach the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank and the FOMC; and the Chairman of the Community Advisory Committee charged with providing feedback regarding the Community Reinvestment Act.

From my previous email letter

The Theory of Constraints informs us that physics combines with first things first to guarantee an increase in high-quality outcomes if the right constraint to the total system’s behavior is elevated and solved.  Just getting this right takes you to fixing everything to include interest rates, the deficit, the real money dilemma, moral hazard, pension investment risk and the education system.  Fix the true constraint and watch it ripple through our civic systems.  Repeating!  You have the power to first things first look at the total private sector system and elevate the constraint to highest quality outcomes and make the most powerful deal for high-quality continuous improvement by a return to creating soft assets in advance of financial assets.  This will stop infecting the system with obvious early moral hazards. 

Headlining 21st Century Education - Needed Customized Schools and Curricula

The FED is most powerful.  Its partners will see and pay to correct the constraint to better and best education outcomes.  This aspiration of being able to break through our current constraints already exists at the FED with the concern for ROI from early education. You know the outcome of best is in your mandate and you are ready to target disparities with the 1977 Reinvestment Act.  Almost.  Hopefully, this letter will make sense and guide your investment perspective to do what is first things first in a very disaggregated first things first human societal activity, with expectations for best PVofPE-Prek and PVofPE-FNGDP values.  The private sector education initiative from age 0 to 6th grade is a public/private activity that requires your hand to work real fairness into the ribs of the nation’s Preschool Juggernaut to prevent low quality irreversible outcome’s (cost of poor quality). 

Find your own google search page for the Theory of Constraints. It is a real deal used in business restructuring and turnarounds for 40 years now.  It is the source of wealth creation seen in Silicon Valley as the routine of human activity focus for first things first is aggregated and monetized.  Examples - I need to be someplace else - connect with uber.  I need my friends closer – connect with Facebook. I need to express this thought to my connections - Twitter.  And many more supply chain improvements applied to growth education, economics, emotions and ethics are and will be aggregated by private sector powers. The supply chain for High-Quality full employment suffers because government will never be able to apply itself to better and best outcomes with the right first things first dependent activities and events.  It will take your private sector influence over the redirected desire for more asset building to break away from the failed state that is creating first things first disparities including widespread moral hazard. 

There is fairness in making Literacy Is Freedom the Law of the Land

and requiring parents to deliver real reading readiness

even if they need personal mentors to achieve it for themselves and their children

There is fairness in the private sector to pay extra to reach 100% of the children 

 A tremendous level of operational and financial power is created when a process of dependent events starts with doing first things first.  Each of these experts stand on their own.  Put together they form a real powerful change method.  

Philip Crosby makes the point that quality is free when first things first are done right the first time.

Stephen Covey makes the point that first things first, being proactive, and starting with the end in mind are the first three habits of being effective.

Eli Goldratt makes the point that the first thing to do is always elevate the process bottleneck for more throughput.  

In the system of education gaps the bottleneck is the lack of early reading skills starting kindergarten.  Of course, the disparity started earlier.  In fact, it is about children completely missing the sensitive period to learning language during the age of 3 to 6 so they are behind others, forever. The top of the quality scale has gotten more significant in the last 15 years with the marketing of education toys to the least at risk.

The Who, What, When, Where, Why and How of First Things First is part of the understanding between school districts and the community.  It is a fluid documentation of what it will take to create an even start for the most at risk. Click here for a somewhat detailed coverage of related First Things First.

A whole system of dependent events for (birth to age 8-9) — parents, communities / cultures, preschools / child care and the school district will redefine itself via literacy by meeting 100% of the defined requirements in the community / school process.  Minnesota Statute 120B.11 and .115 written and passed without expectation.  Link

The Theory of Constraints is a management paradigm that views any manageable system as being limited in achieving more by a very small number of constraintsWikipedia  I will let you deal with how deep you want to get but this Theory of Constraints is solid enough to give you the expectation of becoming a “national leader in what’s next” and how to change to it.  And, if we were going to have a discussion with a reasonable expectation these 3 books would be critical as raw knowledge.

I have adapted the concept to education considerations at the school district levels.

High Quality is defined as meeting the customer requirement, in the case of dependent events it is meeting the requirement of the next step often defined as the internal requirement.  These definitions work because they can be understood by the supplier, employee and the customer.  These definitions are hard to execute and challenge leadership in areas of walking the talk, telling the truth and stopping the process with the customer being at the top of the concern.  

Do not be mistaken, if the customer cannot understand the quality being defined; the quality system is full of hot air, misdirection and quackery. Our at risk children deserve better than QRIS, CLASS, UNIVERSAL PRE-K, HEAD START, and OTHERS that drive for best practice inputs that only imply best outcomes.  

OMG – the arc of a kid’s life is at stake.

Our most at risk children need systems of high quality.  The innovation from the above inside the definition below is possible and is no choice.  Doing first things first is a challenge for leadership.  There is no choice but to walk the talk and tell the truth with the OMG being at the top of the order.  The innovation is overdue. 

  • The definition of quality is conformance to requirements
  • The system of quality is prevention
  • The performance standard is zero defects
  • The measurement of quality is the cost or price of non-conformance  
  • Link      Dear K-12 Administrator and Leader
  • First Things First Right the First Time to Believe Quality is Free
  • We need to have a positive simple understanding by teacher and parent to stop misdirection and quackery about quality.  
  • The Theory of Constraints by Eliyahu M. Goldratt, 1990, available from Amazon, is the logic being used in the stories told within the mentioned books.  It is simple logic.  
  • The goal is more throughput, less in process risk and less total cost of the whole system based on cost and total units.


The focusing process (page 75) is in generic words

  1. Identify the important system’s constraints
  2. Decide how to exploit the constraints
  3. Subordinate everything to the above decision
  4. Elevate the system’s constraints
  5. Do it again once the system constraint is broken, and do not stop.  

The focusing process (page 76) is in generic system improvement words

  1. What to change?
  2. Pinpoint first things first.  
  3. Effect – cause – effect thinking method

What to change to?

  1. Construct only simple, practical solutions dealing with exceptions as they are seen
  2. Evaporating clouds method

How to cause the change?

  1. Induce the appropriate people to invent such solutions
  2. Socratic method

It is politically incorrect to speak so generically about education quality.  But the following discussion of pre-k quality is offered to simply call for private and public education outcomes evidence before K-12 school even starts.  Outcomes are on the political right side of a discussion of quality but measuring outcomes in private public sector programs will be critical to closing the gap for our at risk urban children.  These are examples to indicate the solution is not ours.  The value of the solution for our public sector program is extreme and worthy of the FED’s attention.  It can be mostly defined by this work, among others. 

Reroute the Preschool Juggernaut by Chester E. Finn Jr. 

AND, The Absorbent Mind by Maria Montessori 

AND, Montessori Read and Write, A parent’s guide to literacy for children by Lynne Lawrence 

Any public/private local effort could form around the above expertise and off the shelf first things first continuous improvement principles given extra money to solve constraints to create the extra good, better or best outcomes. 

We make the claim that extra best outcomes would be worth at least extra present value of $500,000 at age 6 per child.  Present value lost per year on 4,000,000 children is staggering and our nation staggers year after year.  Repeating hopefully, this letter will make sense and guide your investment perspective to do what is first things first in a very disaggregated first things first human societal activity, with expectations for best PVofPE-Prek and PVofPE-FNGDP values.  Your intention in this disaggregated environment can be one size fits one with paid mentors servicing the mother, child and school systems.

The concept is that quality improvement is available for the taking.  It almost takes no brains to envision a 100% delivery of all children ready to read to kindergarten when a paid mentor is inserted into dependent event processes.  This would subsequently change everything under the banner of Quality Improvement.  

It is a big thought, but it is actually a smaller thought than the combinations of no child left behind or special education or title I or early special education, or, or and or.  Ready to read before kindergarten capitalizes on just the age 0-6 time period when children are attached to mom with the universal built in sensitive period to learn language at the age 3-6, as a function of nature, before they are behind.  You know the gap has been increased since it was defined by mothers who no longer wait for kindergarten and sometimes do not even wait for preschool. The market is speaking as to what is first things first.    

But… the first step for school districts and communities is so very simple a book is not needed. Managing the fact that everything will change year by year from the front end. Costs will be bridged to savings and that will require change management leadership and assurance.  It is pure supply chain innovation for a school district to reach into the community to assure itself that all children are really ready to read.  It is pure critical chain resource planning in K-12 to make the most out of the new early high-quality input.   

The Goal Introduces the Theory of Constraints.  Plus 5,000,000 copies of this book are in publication and the business school universities use it as a textbook even though it is published as a novel.  It presents constraints to throughput as process bottlenecks (like letting the not ready overrun the kindergarten capacities) causing more resources downstream to be applied to hopeless remediation and then dropout. It sees policies as throughput constraints that can be removed with Socratic thinking.   We have used the following no nonsense letter to introduce this concept to superintendents.

If you believe these expert thoughts (call in a business executive to confirm that this has become common knowledge in the service and manufacturing industries in the last 30 years) you can start investing in Ready to Read — ERSD-RA tomorrow because it will all come together for you and the children.  I know you do not want to mix school systems with business systems so do not.  Look at the GOAL as More Graduations, Less Drop Out Risk That Will Not Graduate and Lower Total Cost Because of Increased Unit Throughput.  

Our systems are not built to last the 85 years they are needed for the children and ourselves.  It is time to structure our systems to continuously improve for ourselves and our children. Our way of life system (security) has not been created to last, yet. The way to that must include continuous improvement and it must include the Theory of Constraints whether by name or not. The author of this theory communicates it via several novels that are easy to read and one short book of logic.   

This thinking leads to a conclusion that it is not luck when it is applied to any system of dependent events. Exceptions to be removed in the process are defined to include management policies that make it harder than warranted to throughput required units. Obviously, policies are good, but many old standing policies need to be renewed. This book helps the imagination. and this book is written with a 12-year education process in mind.

National leaders within the Pre-k Juggernaut already exist but they need your monetary policy money because of fiscal constraints.  Assisting with just money without getting to worst, bad, good, better and best outcomes as inputs to K-12 is a waste.  Getting to lowest cost of quality inputs, because of fewer exceptions, without recognizing the PVofPE-Prek and PVofPE-FNGDP values is a first things first waste to your well published mandates dooming our nation to the continuation of excessive national debt.  Leading our national leaders into a bottleneck free, constraint free world of dependent events from age 0-6 and beyond is NEXT in education and is a big deal.  All new money should bend to that body of knowledge and school district opportunities on all fronts after the total system’s behavior is combined to include age 3 to grade 6 and all requirements are defined within the individual education plan.  It takes little redefinition of monetary policy to get to this ending.  It does not need congress to act.  The private sector 15-20 points are ready to execute many changes within a dependency sequence.

  1. Believe the PVofPE-Prek at age 6 could be as high as $750,000 per child when brain synaptic connections close on literacy, math and order of a positive expectation.
  2. Believe the cost to do that is $20,000 without defined requirements, plus #3 following.  Fiscal money already exists for this delivery excluding #3.
  3. Cost of extra paid mentoring for mother and child at age 3-6 of $10,000 to assure good, better and best outcomes that will need to come from the private sector.
  4. 2036 target would be an annual 2.5 trillion dollars per year of blockchained present value within the Pre-k private sector and FTFRTFT school systems for children starting kindergarten really ready; including mom tuned into the ability to influence public or private education. 
  5. NewOldMoney is Brain Gold Reserves created to offset the US Treasury Deficit held for that purpose by the FED.

The market in 2020 can be referenced for evidence that a child’s brain at age 6 fully ready and supported to read, compute, and understand positive expectations is worth the above (cost $30,000, market value $750,000).  Look to the market valuation of artificial intelligence companies, say Nvidia as an example where its sales from cloud computing of parallel processing for AI drove a market valuation of 150 times sales (not costs or profits).  Per Life After Google by George Gilder page 69 published in 2018.

Cheers.    Hope to hear from you. It would be respectful to know the letter emails are reaching the intended leadership.  


Thomas D. Wolfgram


Early Reading Skills Delivered

651-735-3018, C 612-968-1579,

Copyright © 2020 By Thomas D. Wolfgram

Footing for this effort

See The Biggest Lie in the History of Christianity, written by Mathew Kelly in 2018 where he shares and defines a Holy Moment on earth that can be delivered by everyone on earth.  The ASK above is a 100% top to bottom change to the real life of mom and age 0-6 child.  Selflessness and grace will be filled with humility, cooperation, discipline and other fruit of the spirit (page 58) if the reading of the book and adoption of its simplicity becomes real.


I pray to God that the email marches sent to the Federal Reserve Bank (FED) are viewed as a private individual’s good deed representing his or hers’ “Holy Moment”.  A free speech acting with the belief that only our Christian God has the power to generate the intended outcome of equal opportunity based on the individual’s desired intention to influence first things first growth education, economics, emotions and ethic.  Our private sector can still deliver Holy Moments, and delivery is the most basic happiness an individual can have because selflessness generates self-esteem and confidence. Sending of this email letter will astound the nation but will also increase the fruit of selfless attention to those around us (page 68).  Page 69 ties the whole concept to Mother Teresa and our secular mess.  Page 79 assures us that this differential will change everything about the future of the nation.


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What messages supported by stories do we want to send our age 0-6 children?

I am suggesting, just to start the concept, that grace and curtesy before Justice be a default and at least these messages be sent. 

If these KINDNESS MESSAGES are sent the message of Justice will logically follow with appropriate understanding and  foundation.     

Be Helping

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Say Please

Be Thinking

Be Right and Truthful

Be Fair

Be Happy

Be Smart

Help Yourself

Be Growing

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Be Humble

Say Thank you

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Be Polite

Age appropriate civility is important; Equal starts to kindergarten with ready to read and count skill sets are important.  

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