Goldratt - the Goal and the Theory of Constraints and Cost

Goldratt and The Goal is about staying in business, competing with high quality, increasing the throughput of high quality proficiency while controlling the cost by managing the constraints, dependent events and variation. This is a novel about a failing operation leadership asking the right questions. Over 5 million copies have been sold. The book is used in universities all over the world. It has many companion books and stories about effectiveness and improvement by focusing on the constraint (operational flow or policy) to increase the throughput.

The Theory of constraints has not been applied by the author to public education at the district, school, teacher and student level - yet. However, the book is really about asking the right questions to continuous improvement. What to Change? What to Change to? How to Cause the Change? A most important consideration is how can First Thing First Right The First Time deliveries to kindergarten be scientifically managed to pay for themselves by person and in total and beyond.

The Theory can be used anywhere the operation is about dependent steps and events. The goal of more throughput, less in process risk and lower total cost is actually the same as more proficiency, fewer dropouts and lower total cost.

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