This Site is Purposed to Prompt with kindness the Private Sector Side of the Federal Reserve Bank To Be Fair in the Use of Monetary Policy Powers.  The FED is Unfair in its Program for Those Without Financial Assets who also have Little Support from Strong Emotional and Ethical Assets, Attributes and Positive Expectations. 

This is Distinctly Different from Those Who Own Financial Assets. 

The Email March on the FED is detailed by the content on this website.  You join the Email March by joining this site. You inform yourself by understanding and contacting us about the email letters and this site. This service is for sale to effective citizens and we pay you to comment and improve on the letters and the content as the site moves in kindness to prompt the private sector FED to influence the at risk citizens with effective fair action. The 1977 Community Reinvestment Act is not first things first action. The emails here can be downloaded for your needs. They are also the numbered tabs on the left index

The Email March on the Influencers of Kindness messaging to all age 0-6 children is detailed by pages A-F located at the bottom of the left column. You join the Email March to create this kindness influence. See the membership page to get started.  You inform yourself by understanding and contacting us about the Kindness influence. This service is for sale to effective citizens and we pay you to comment and improve on the letters and the content as the site moves with kindness to prompt the private sector influencers. Six letters to encourage influencers to be sent by effective citizens are presented.  They are encouraging the use of the truth reflected in the right column.  See the membership page to get started.

First-Things-First-Right-The-First-Time (FTFRTFT) A Highest Quality Change Method

#8 From: <>
Sent: Wednesday, 4/29/2020 11:59 am

To: 'Ombudsman' <>
Subject: First Things First Right The First Time (FTFRTFT)

We have sent this to reach the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank and the FOMC; and the Chairman of the Community Advisory Committee charged with providing feedback regarding the Community Reinvestment Act.

We the people’s economic interest is the private sector NGDP.  The protector of that on the downside is the FED.  The FED stuck its hand in the ribs of government in 1913, took monetary policy control, and promised downside protection from foreclosure to the masses and overall protection to asset holders.  As the real leader of the private sector, the FED dressed itself in the words of government, and even fakes out the government as it retains monetary policy power that will never be relinquished.  Power beyond government because it is too intricate for a republic or democracy, to conduct.

Your stabilization of the currency has not been good to seniors with pension assets.  Maybe it has been effective but low interest rates have created worldwide moral hazard.  The actions around the great depression, to now be expanded, were judged by your own past leadership to be not so good.  Everybody has an opinion.  The urban communities are rife with the unemployable. I am going with the Bailout Nation history recorded by Barry Ritholtz; looking forward to his written follow up.  But then the Covid-19 ditching of the economics that make us viable has pushed monetary policy into the NEXT stratosphere, right now.  A part of the FED is perfect for NEXT and I am trying to explain world size NEXT is big and includes doing first things first as it has not been done in the past.

NEXT is going to require a redefined goal of “High-Quality Full Employment”.  In the process of redefinition by the private sector the FED will need to pay for and give away first things first, right the first time, and expect one-size-fits-one efforts as needed to create better and best outcomes as the requirement.  Remember you are not public sector and there is no room for good enough in the high-quality definitions.  Pre-k education where the brain has 90% of the synaptic connections developed before the 7th birthday is a time for one-on-one gifting of best outcomes for the most expectation.  

The “crime” of public education is like the crime of bank foreclosure in the 1890-1913 historical period of our nation.  While it was the law the law was not fair.  NEXT will require the private sector leader (THE FED) stick his hand into the ribs of public education at the state and local level to get to the goal and required outcomes.  The fastest way to do that is to buyout the failed Federal Government Elementary Education Department for its knowledge and networks.  This network is critical to the fast process of creating the PVofPE-Prek Better and Best outcomes expected and not lose a step with the state’s constitutional responsibility for education as you join the new goal.  The Federal Government has failed since 1965 to get this anywhere close to right and has given the whole nation a moral hazard to deal with.

This comes together at the school district and private sector bank level spending monetary policy money for better and best pre-k outcomes that become better and best first things first K-12 inputs across the land and especially focused in the urban areas.  Everything will be different with accountable new inputs.  I have registered that a school reformer declared there is not one large district meeting the lowest requirements for public education of We the People.  My point is not to project this work required in K-12 other than to say positive expectations would expect us to do first things first at the prek levels.  The USA will continue festering without flipping the FED in fairness back to first things first freedom, choice and asset ownership as a force to the Declaration of Independence happiness. 

The Theory of Constraints informs us that physics combines to guarantee an increase in high-quality outcomes if the right constraint to the total system’s behavior is elevated and solved.  Just getting this right takes you to fixing everything to include interest rates, the deficit, the real money dilemma, moral hazard, pension investment risk and the education system.  Fix the true constraint and watch it ripple through our civic systems.  Repeating!  You have the power to first things first look at the total private sector system and elevate the constraint to highest quality outcomes and make the most powerful deal for high-quality continuous improvement by a return to creating soft assets in advance of financial assets.  This also will stop infecting the system with obvious early moral hazards. 

There will be much more said about High-Quality.  This is critical to the need for continuous improvement and FTF definition, action and restructure.

Cheers.    Hope to hear from you. It would be respectful to know the letter emails are reaching the intended leadership.  

Thomas D. Wolfgram


Early Reading Skills Delivered

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Copyright © 2020 By Thomas D. Wolfgram

Footing for this effort

See The Biggest Lie in the History of Christianity, written by Mathew Kelly in 2018 where he shares and defines a Holy Moment on earth that can be delivered by everyone on earth.  The ASK above is a 100% top to bottom change to the real life of mom and age 0-6 child.  Selflessness and grace will be filled with humility, cooperation, discipline and other fruit of the spirit (page 58) if the reading of the book and adoption of its simplicity becomes real.

I pray to God that the email marches sent to the Federal Reserve Bank (FED) are viewed as a private individual’s good deed representing his or hers’ “Holy Moment”.  A free speech acting with the belief that only our Christian God has the power to generate the intended outcome of equal opportunity based on the individual’s desired intention to influence first things first growth education, economics, emotions and ethic.  Our private sector can still deliver Holy Moments, and delivery is the most basic happiness an individual can have because selflessness generates self-esteem and confidence. Sending of this email letter will astound the nation but will also increase the fruit of selfless attention to those around us (page 68).  Page 69 ties the whole concept to Mother Teresa and our secular mess.  Page 79 assures us that this differential will change everything about the future of the nation.


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USA Positive Expectations are detailed though-out this site in the right columns.  

Values, assets, attributes, messages and stories all run together creating civility in a spectrum of absolutes on the right and less absolute (relative) ranging in degree to the left. 

What messages supported by stories do we want to send our age 0-6 children?

I am suggesting, just to start the concept, that grace and curtesy before Justice be a default and at least these messages be sent. 

If these KINDNESS MESSAGES are sent the message of Justice will logically follow with appropriate understanding and  foundation.     

Be Helping

Be Sharing

Be Playing

Be Listening

Be Smiling

Say I'm Sorry

Say Please

Be Thinking

Be Right and Truthful

Be Fair

Be Happy

Be Smart

Help Yourself

Be Growing

Say Excuse Me

Be Excited

Take Turns

Be Humble

Say Thank you

Be Working

Be Polite

Age appropriate civility is important; Equal starts to kindergarten with ready to read and count skill sets are important.  

Assets, Attributes, Positive Expectations 





































More From USA VALUES, Meanings are brought out within the email letters to the FED.  See # posts at the left. 

Start with End in Mind

First-Things-First (FTF)


Present Value of Positive Expectation from Pre-k (PVofPE-Prek)


Early Reading Skills Delivered for Ringing Advantage (High-Quality ERSD-RA)

First Things First Right the First Time (FTFRTFT)

10 Values before 3rd Grade











4 More Values After 3rd Grade





For Those who wish for an Old Testament Biblical Basis 

Reverence for the Lord as the One and Only

Reverence for the Family

Reverence for Life

Reverence for Private Property

Personal Responsibility

Prohibition of Envy

Do not Lie

Do not Steal