This Site is Purposed to Prompt with kindness the Private Sector Side of the Federal Reserve Bank To Be Fair in the Use of Monetary Policy Powers.  The FED is Unfair in its Program for Those Without Financial Assets who also have Little Support from Strong Emotional and Ethical Assets, Attributes and Positive Expectations. 

This is Distinctly Different from Those Who Own Financial Assets. 

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FED Not Fair Nation Not Civil

This is a positive expectation to the writing of Necessary Noise, by Star Parker, 2019, in particular the chapters on Cappie or Commie and the USA Constitution on Life Support (chapter 5 and 6).  It is written through the lens of civility and fairness. How likely is civility a result of a spirit/attitude of fairness?  What is first things first (FTF)?  Civility is the setting for fairness - Wrong!  The USA is not socialistic, the tax burden tensions any serious considration of socialism. 

The reality of fairness is true only when and if the reality of equal opportunity is true.  Our God given human brain develops 90% of the networks that effect literacy, math, order and opportunity during the ages of 0-6.  Our nation has private sector work to do before the age of 7 to get close to the concept of God given equal opportunity starts.  It is absolutely high risk not to see God’s hand in this science of brain development.  Early brain development becomes equality within a range of good, better and best at age 6 if we individuals deliver that outcome as the child's equity in requied time sensistive assets. God's plan sides with the individual and capitalism and leaves government, the public sector, the socialist and statism to be minimized.

I guess that 80% or more of us want lower taxes.  It is good for individual growth and having the ability to get more of whatever is important to the individual.  That means 80% want to constrain government (public sector) spending because of the tax burden.  The tax on free individuals works against free stuff every day.  If you don’t work you don’t eat your choice of food.  However, If one does not pay taxes, one does not think about constraining public sector spending.  Is that fair to the private sector?  That is forgiven but not forgotten by the Christian conservative who would be the most judgmental.  God Bless America and those who participate in the improvement. But the tension of constraint will not go away.  Never!  Everybody wants more of something. This is a basic influence of God given human behavior. We have the deficit because we can afford it within the God given workings of the world and a budget can be more easily unbalanced than not. 

The constraint on government spending is a budget and a deficit number that we live with because as a nation we are generous and as a nation 95% of us think the private sector can afford the deficit.  Regardless the deficit is the focus of the constraint because:

·         Some deficit spending does not seem to matter.  The FED’s private sector side of its business (monetary policy) has concluded that 1 trillion dollars of deficit does not now cause inflation.

·         Deflation is a real problem against the value of owned private sector assets.  Does a balanced budget create deflation.  It is lower risk to run with some inflation.

·         In spite of the deficit and risk of inflation from the public sector spending the civil attitude remains positive but dented slightly by the spirit of fairness.  Low inflation is  reflected in the US Dollar strength (trust it will hold its value).  The US dollar compared to other nations is solid and at the basic level puts the USA in advantage to other nations.  Christians could project the USA is God blessed in spite of the trillion dollar deficit.  Most in the USA believe we have a true USA-positive-expectation in spite of the deficit in the public sector.  Most in the USA believe God has blessed America as part of His plan for our freedom and choice.

Our past history of winning creates the strongest currency to influence everything including our fairness and civility.  This created the confidence of the middle-class citizen (main street) is critical to keeping  the attitude civil, along with a prominent concern for fairness.  The open classes of society and entrepreneurial outcomes of all sizes work into the judgement of fairness within the private sector.    

Our Constitution, Bill of Rights, Trust in God, civility, ownership, happiness and the potential for more worst, bad, good, better and best outcomes as individuals has the fairness issue front and center. More is uniquely subjective to the individual in the USA unless you want to accept another’s definition of more as your own.  Not likely!   More can mean more literacy, more money or more anything.  Having a fair, equal opportunity to be the best individual capable of achieving more is baked into USA expectations and if that is not the case something is wrong. 

Well, something is wrong when the private sector FED gives 30-40 Billion dollars per year to the largest banks as monetary policy (growth), but does nothing for mom holding the FTF future with at risk children (over 50% of the children) who have no financial assets to speak of but require at least the soft assets of our civil society to have a hope for real opportunity.  The private sector needs to throw the flag and call the foul because fairness is required and the FED is playing favorites within the private sector of disparate outcomes.  This creates or will create a bad attitude toward the favorites when one considers the size and positioning of the FED as it protects the asset values for those who own financial assets. 

The private sector in the USA is capitalism, its source is each person’s life, liberty, ownership, freedom and choice to be a unique individual.  The public sector is socialism, a necessary government defined by the civil benefit of the majority.  The benefit of the majority includes adequate respect and space for the minority to be acceptable so civility rules.  Generally, the minority does not act in a way that breaks the norms of civility subject to fairness.  Innovation comes out of the minority view and the USA thrives on it.  Socialism (a budget of 4.5 trillion dollars in the public sector) could never eclipse the market value of the private sector owned by the individuals making up We the People (the private sector) valued to be at least 200 trillion dollars.  Determined by the present value of the GDP factored up for 100 years of expected replication and growth and down for risk that the calculation is wrong because real growth will never be smooth.  Socialism will never work without excess force in the USA.  Socialism never works in any nation without excess force applied to fairness in the reach to someone else’s defined civility.  Besides the 200 trillion dwarfs 4.5 trillion.  The concept of USA socialism is a non-starter after the Health Care Industry demonstration if the private sector is attentive and weighs with its 180 million private insurance contracts.  All those private sectors operators in the Health Care Industry did not sue the government for its distruction of their market value on the basis of proven future cash flows.  This should never happen again.

If our nation was acting like it was under God this would never have happened.  Darkness caused individuals to be asleep at the switch.  Here is the logical proof.  200 trillion dollars as the market value (or whatever it is in dramatic excess of the government budget) does not have a buyer but will avoid a future taker.  The individuals who make up the private sector ownership would go into any war at any cost to retain it, God willing.  Deficit be damned.  The socialist, the public sector has no effective way to claim the private sector assets.  There is no God in socialism.  The private sector has a bloody history in the process of God given USA ownership and risk to freedom and choice.  In God We Trust.  This was proven by the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, World War I and World War II.  On the other hand, the USA has lost wars to reset other countries expectations without the substance of We The People, In God We Trust, our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, our Christian values and our rule of law and forgiveness.  

The spirit of better and best fairness within the private sector keeps appearing in the logic without the consideration of the government (because government cannot do better and best outcomes for anyone). FTF priority to be fair is within the FED and the economics of growth investment for the reasons stated on this website and in the email march on the FED.  The FED can assure us that fairness actually pays for itself in real cash and reserves when real readiness is achieved by real work.   

Civility is now being tensioned by the constraints of the private sector, capitalism, God’s plan, the public sector, socialism, statism.  War footing for the individualism of the USA position against the vastly outnumbered fascists from the left and right.  Early reading skills delivered for a ringing advantage would ease tensions. The FED is the only powerful enough private sector company to take the nation through this 25-50 year fairness exercise, and it is time to do that.  They are powerful enough to just purchase the Federal Department of Education for the network to elementary schools so that the established schools capitalize on the dramatically improved readiness created under their dollar and direction.  The private sector needs to urgently step back into fair equal opportunity education because the public sector has failed urban public schools.  The public sector, socialism and statism does not deliver better and best outcomes, and becomes the godless trajedy of the commons. 

I pray for the next 1-25 years that the FED takes off its mask and defines itself as the private sector and adopts a fairness concern for growth, preservation, and creation of financial assets and the soft human God’s plan for the USA.  We Christians should expand on the fair and equal opportunity in God’s plan for the private sector. 


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USA Positive Expectations are detailed though-out this site in the right columns.  

Values, assets, attributes, messages and stories all run together creating civility in a spectrum of absolutes on the right and less absolute (relative) ranging in degree to the left. 

What messages supported by stories do we want to send our age 0-6 children?

I am suggesting, just to start the concept, that grace and curtesy before Justice be a default and at least these messages be sent. 

If these KINDNESS MESSAGES are sent the message of Justice will logically follow with appropriate understanding and  foundation.     

Be Helping

Be Sharing

Be Playing

Be Listening

Be Smiling

Say I'm Sorry

Say Please

Be Thinking

Be Right and Truthful

Be Fair

Be Happy

Be Smart

Help Yourself

Be Growing

Say Excuse Me

Be Excited

Take Turns

Be Humble

Say Thank you

Be Working

Be Polite

Age appropriate civility is important; Equal starts to kindergarten with ready to read and count skill sets are important.  

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For Those who wish for an Old Testament Biblical Basis 

Reverence for the Lord as the One and Only

Reverence for the Family

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Personal Responsibility

Prohibition of Envy

Do not Lie

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