More Positive Expectation is Possible

The base starting point is that most cities and neighborhoods wish they were more safe, civil and the education system was more proficient. What if increased education could drive economic prosperity to increasing real estate values and other positive expectations? Is there a small business not interested? Is there a homeowner not interested?

Tangello Park Outcomes

If the community desire and commitment existed, it could guarantee that 100% of the children would measure proficient in the standardized 3rd grade tests.

PSM Message

We can use this as a definition of positive expectations
We can use this as a definition of civility
We can use this as a definition of assets, attributes and opportunities

We will need to combine the above simple starts with the risk valuation regarding what happens after we spend the $10,000. The community presents a range of risks per at risk child. The risk is that the child will grow up and not plus the GDP and reduce the cost of schools and government by at least 1 million dollars over 40 years. Assume the increase GDP or reduced costs will inflate by 2% per year. The present value per child based on risks ranging from 25% to 5% looks like this.