PVofPE-Prek Present Value-Positive Expectations- Early Reading Skills Delivered

We Need a Game Change, call it PVofPE-PreK. It Should be Readily Accepted.

The game change is to find new money for Early Reading Skills Delivered (ERSD-RA). This is First Things First to education proficiency and the war on poverty. The present value of positive expectations is $500,000 per at risk child (PVofPE-PreK)at age 6 as supported by this page.

The child's projected GDP contribution (wage or salary) is based on graduation and the present value is computed based on risk that it may not happen for the child who turns into a contributing citizen based on graduation.

We will influence you to monetize the $10,000 investment to create the PVofPE-Prek. Early reading skills at age 3, 4, 5, and 6 is a first thing to subsequent risk reduction. The expectations of district education proficiency skyrocket with 100% delivery of ERSD-RA.

The present value of the investment moves up with the reduced risk factor from the community and schools, as follows.

Present Values of Investment / Cost…… $8-10,000

25% risk……………………… $17,000

15% risk……………………… $50,000

10% risk……………………… $150,000

5% risk………………………… $500,000

IT IS SO IMPORTANT! A reasonable person can see that nationally over 1/2 trillion dollars of expected and possible present value is not being created each year between the ages of 0-6 measured in kindergarten. The lack of creation is the Gap. The lack of creation is forever lost to the child and the nation.

CEO's and Owners know this is part of Equity Creation.

The PVofPE-Prek is $500,000 for the cost of $10,000. One could say it is the priceless making of equity and free quality. We can’t have the $500,000 present value expectation within each of the most at risk, without the $10,000 spent pre-k per child.

It has to be a gift given.

The new money for investment is created via innovation and savings by aligning ERSD-RA with FTFRTFT continuous improvement to Pre-K and K-12. The site talks about this $10,000 as New Money for New Deliveries that create good work, families, networks and faith in a new early result for the school districts by the school districts.

We should validate the expectation of $500,000. The following links do that from the bottoms up. What growth and savings is needed to support the number? The USA VALUES, LLC expectation assumptions are modest.

The Cost Elements of Savings are Clearly Defined by Pew Charitable Trusts and Timothy Bartik

Economic GDP Opportunity and Saving Calculations Making up the PVofPE

The Calculation of the PVof PE assuming a 5% Risk Factor

The Calculation of the PVof PE assuming a 25% Risk Factor

There is a technical, emotional, and ethical intelligence to recognizing a child with or without early reading skills starting in kindergarten.

The value of that positive expectation can be recognized (as around $500,000) without the detail and already has been innovated into the private sector economy of any family that can pay for the early learning.

No disrespect is intended when one concludes from the top down that more study is not required. Doing in the main system of continuous improvement should trump pilot efforts of academic studies because of what is now known every district should start a cause-effect-cause change process that is evaluated Socratically in the process of continuous improvement. .

Story of PVofPE-Prek

WHAT CAN BE MORE IMPORTANT THAN POSITIONING FOR THIS EXPECTATION ($500,000) of present value for each and every at risk child (last count 2,000,000 children per year)