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Disparities Have a Source
Early Education and Before

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Subject: Disparities have a source

Sure, to admit that racism is the USA original sin, but it is also the original sin of humanity and it is not going anywhere.  Where would the expectation come from that the USA was or could be free of that sin?   Some in the colonies and the states that followed were dead set against Slavery.  They won the rejection of slavery; it took a civil war and 600,000 total deaths from both sides.  The story drones on and on and distracts from first things first and continuous improvement.

Of course, slavery is not the racism being discussed today (continuous improvement) but it is driving the cancel culture with undue strength and overstatement.  The cancel culture is too much of a negative to our positive expectation for the future.  The cancel culture will test poorly against the requirement to continuously improve.  It is all about the future, right?  The influence of wanting more with the freedom to own more is a human condition that is human nature facilitated by the Constitution, Capitalism and Christianity.  Any fundamental change to those bedrocks will be vetted against the Tragedy of the Commons. 

Eventually the concept of freedom and choice will come to the constraint that freedom is not free and many in each generation have fought for it with a substantial price. The center 80% will not give up the Constitution, Capitalism and Christianity because it is a tested framework of success.  Only a small taste of living without it will turn the nation back to it.  Who would have considered that selective private sector giving would have such a steep moral hazard created from both the private and public sectors leading to selective inequality seen as support for elite bankers but nothing for moms who hold the key for at risk children making up more than 50% of the age 0-6 population.

The rule and truth will soon return to the middle where the majority makes and protects the space for the minority directly leading to the clarification of equal opportunity under the constitution leading to an admission that the private sector FED has not made its gifts equally effective for everyone.  The most powerful corporate leader of the private sector has a systemic shortcoming that cannot be blamed on its relationship with the government. 

True first things first equal opportunity exists in the presentations of required learning promoted by one of the first Early Childhood Development Specialists and Doctor.  She developed the method working with the poor children in the slums of Italy.  She proved that children learn well with hand-based activity designed to self-correct so a child could receive a presentation from an adult to learn and practice what was required.  Math, writing and language skills were put into the base of learning through the hands and every child who desired to learn could.   Given self-choice a child will always choose to learn.  Given self-choice mom will always choose to learn. She discovered the child was sensitive to learning language, math and order between the ages of 3-6.  Read the book The Absorbent Mind by Maria Montessori to understand the starting place for formal early education and development.  Understand Head Start missed this by miles and you can go down the list of activities and materials that are missing.  Montessori is not the only way to learn early but it is a sure bet way to success that relies on the environment as much as it relies on the teacher.  Meaning the self-correcting activities and materials are especially important to the process.  Mentors who understand the use of the materials can be effective without a 4-year degree. 

Maria Montessori started a private sector industry in the USA at the time her concepts and methods were rejected for the public sector education system.  The framework of her method is tested and solid.  It supports thousands of businesses and preceded the work on early brain development with the concept of sensitive periods to learn language, math and order.  Her method sets up the child to be better than the adult, adult willing.  It is a simple concept of letting love, compassion, courage, understanding and respect drive high quality right into the first through sixth grades.  Check out her writings in chapter 28 where she positions the child to be the unstudied, but much talked about attribute of society’s Love and civility. 

The other point to make is a professional cannot justify Head Start without reading Montessori’s Absorbent Mind to see what is missing.  Progressives designed their own untested systemic process and now spend 8-10 billion dollars per year for an unequal gap creating result that stands in the way of progress.  Think how big of a miss this consequence is and what it will take to fix it because it is now embedded and cannot be cancelled.  The public system is stuck with how to generate better and best results with it.  The private sector from some very powerful base will be required to run alongside the public sector early education starting with Head Start for 40 years before better and best becomes routine.  THERE IS NO OTHER ROAD TO EQUAL STARTS TO FIRST GRADE LEARNING.  THE SYSTEMIC PROCESS IS BROKEN.

The public sector can do for the nation worst, bad or good quality delivery and it takes the private sector to deliver good, better or best.  Better and best requires one-size-fits one early education activity.  The creation of more and more laws instead of the one-on-one activity makes this even more true when money constrains the outcomes or when the 3rd year of Montessori (kindergarten) is moved to the public-school district as all-day kindergarten.   This result is just the opposite of what is natural and true to growth.  The child is at the peak as a Montessori 3-6-year-old and gets cut short by the public sector to restart with children in a much lesser defined setting of achievement.  The child wants to learn, is sensitive to the activities but is interrupted by the adults in an upside-down system that actually contributes to more risk but reduces the gap from the better and best measures. 

Achievement over a defined time period that cannot be replaced is the definition of real money creation.  The value creation for the future happens between the ears within each and every child.  It is the source of inequality.  It is not racial.  Equality really boils down to the one-size-fits one influence mom has on the pre-k and elementary system.  Because of Head Start mom as an individual has not been encouraged to seek the best and influence local education with the desire for the best.  In the private sector some parents are willing to pay for the best setup.  Simply stated our nation has a public sector systemic process (that word again) that produces only good readiness.   


At this time, it will take the most powerful company in the world to fix this systemic error in the education system that gives rise to present symptoms on the street and in the schools.  Books upon books upon books have been written about the Montessori Method.  Preschool after preschool are successful at all sizes with parents and children.  But it is not the only way to meet the requirement that exists one size-fits-one.  Montessori does however lead to an early hand-based learning process for everyone that is effective on an international level.  Each location in the USA should at least drive to the High-Quality requirement with the parents and professionals defining it for BEST outcomes.  Local school boards are often talked out of BEST outcomes that would remove disparities from the results. This mix of influence needs mom’s knowledgeable influence and demand that the goal is set at BEST because low expectations and achievement only lead to surprising disparities at some point.   Only the FED has the power and money to effect this change to systemic worst, bad or good outcomes as define by better and best.

But all of that brings up the issue of HOW (What To Change To) would the FED fix the origin of equal growth education, economics, emotions and ethics opportunity in the public space at age 6 without increasing the moral hazard of giving something for nothing on a local not national foundation of achievement.  I have been critical of Head Start because of its result based largely on the writings of Chester Fynn Jr’s published Reroute the Preschool Juggernaut in 2009.  He is a scholar retired from the Fordham Excellence in Education Foundation.  Head Start is chapter 9 of 12 easy to read chapters depicting the errors of the system’s unequal starts that plague the K-12 systems and international comparisons.  Harris Rosen of Tangelo Park fame as a private sector citizen paid and continues to pay for the community to put Head Start on steroids to fix the local system requirement of full employment.  It has been written up in a whitepaper and you can find a link to it from our home page.  Our less formal link to the effort is Tangelo Park Program   But still, what is the FED to do about creating and innovating education, its life blood to High-Quality full employment.  The public sector gives early rise to dangerously important disparities.  Innocent people are now dead, more will die because of the reliance on the public sector. 

Private sector innovation is the name of the game.  It can go right around government in the age 0-6 frame and set up continuous brain development improvement right around the public sector almost overnight.  The courage to intrude can be leveraged by the outpouring of the Fortune 1000 or 2000 corporations in the nation who are considering ways to add social responsibility to the concept of Capitalism.  Ask their C Suite leadership if their children are at risk to government’s early education systemic process before first grade even starts. “Americans deserve an economy that allows each person to succeed through hard work and creativity.”  A statement from the Business Roundtable and JPMorgan Chase Chairman and CEO Jamie Dimon.  Leadership is important because just any change is not first things first change.  The most important and powerful player has not done the homework to define What To Change To as outlined by Eli Goldratt in his Theory of Constraints publishing.      

Cheers.    Hope to hear from you. It would be respectful to know the letter emails are reaching the intended leadership.  


Thomas D. Wolfgram


Early Reading Skills Delivered

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Footing for this effort

See The Biggest Lie in the History of Christianity, written by Mathew Kelly in 2018 where he shares and defines a Holy Moment on earth that can be delivered by everyone on earth.  The ASK above is a 100% top to bottom change to the real life of mom and age 0-6 child.  Selflessness and grace will be filled with humility, cooperation, discipline and other fruit of the spirit (page 58) if the reading of the book and adoption of its simplicity becomes real.


I pray to God that the email marches sent to the Federal Reserve Bank (FED) are viewed as a private individual’s good deed representing his or hers’ “Holy Moment”.  A free speech acting with the belief that only our Christian God has the power to generate the intended outcome of equal opportunity based on the individual’s desired intention to influence first things first growth education, economics, emotions and ethic.  Our private sector can still deliver Holy Moments, and delivery is the most basic happiness an individual can have because selflessness generates self-esteem and confidence. Sending of this email letter will astound the nation but will also increase the fruit of selfless attention to those around us (page 68).  Page 69 ties the whole concept to Mother Teresa and our secular mess.  Page 79 assures us that this differential will change everything about the future of the nation.


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