Zero Defects Will Make Process Cost Changes Free

Philip Crosby coined the term zero defects 100% compliance and was a service quality evangelist. His organization still is. He simplified for industry the Deming concepts of quality. He logically presents why quality is free and how zero defects (six sigma and other terms) builds from clearly stated requirements that are defined into the process at the next step.

I bring it up here as the evangelical joy and cost strategy between community and school. The simplicity of the requirement between community and kindergarten requires only a brief discussion. His process concepts are to be applied as a teacher, mentor of child and mom as it relates to the requirements of kindergarten. Meeting requirements will create a downstream cost reduction. First things first right the first time (FTFRTFT) actually requires that the skills delivered to the child before kindergarten be observed and corrected as required in kindergarten as a joy and cost reduction strategy.

His book is titled Quality is Free, The Art of Making Quality Certain. (My copy was copyrighted in 1979) Business has made lots of money applying this concept. Zero defects, the requirement, is never missed past the next process step because the next step includes a stop to makes certain. Logic screams at us that this happen in kindergarten and any correction be completed by the person or organization that prepared the child for kindergarten. I suggest every city, county and school district decision maker review the Crosby Guidelines for Browsers. About 15 pages of truths, like these. And, read the book to imagine the potential.

“attitudes are really what it is all about”, “85% of all problems can be resolved for the future between the two supervisors”, “It is always cheaper to do the job right the first time”, “the way to get started on making certain is to recognize we cause problems for ourselves and we must find ways to prevent them.”

The process of age 0-6 children education and what we do or don’t do should not rule the child’s outcome for the rest of his life. (very high cost to child and taxpayer) The cost and lack of joy when not getting the child ready to read by this time has turned out to be staggering.

Many children, and they all must be accounted for in a guarantee to the schools, are behind forever because nothing is being done when the child is most sensitive to early reading and learning skills. This is a simple case of doing nothing that creates a huge future cost. Business and community has no choice but to get involved to require a 100% ready delivery because... Thankfully in the end it will not prove to be extra cost. The saving in schools and government can pay the bridge loan to get started on 100% delivery if the right accountability is established.

The Montessori and other education methods have demonstrated that early learning to read is a process that can be set into requirements that are observed, reworked, not tested but completed in a one size fits one delivery. More brick and mortar for skill delivery seems so out of the main stream now. Time will tell us the classroom is not needed for all the extra deliveries required. It might be better to spend the money on more face time with child and mom in a mentored setting.

Crosby tells us (through interpretation) to do what is required by the brain sciences to meet the requirements of the kindergarten teachers without fail. (100% perfect delivery) Delivery to our most at risk on a one size fits one basis will reap the cost to do this from the savings in the school and government processes downstream in K-12. There is no question that a financial bridge of 7-10 years is required to make quality certain but it will not cost more in the end as new money is paid back by old money and the whole financial plan can be handled at the district.