Loyalty Messages, Photos and Graphics

Loyalty Messages, Photos and Graphic Pictures are Listed for Teacher and Student Collaboration and Construction

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If a photograph is downloaded as a part of the process and is not used, it must be deleted on the local computer in use. You are not permitted to download the individual images under any condition.

Format, size and place these messages once you have copied this page to a word document.

Use the full scope of Word to place these messages or your version of them as headings to each graphic. No other rules exist in the preparation of the PDF.

These are considered grade 3-6 appropriate messages. It is your report, you can change the messages.

We can not force loyalty

Loyalty is the result of commitment

Serve first -- before you serve yourself

Fulfill your obligations

Let ideas clash -- not your loyalty

Master yourself to be loyal

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Separate templates exist for Respect , Compassion, Courage, Discipline, Friendship, Honesty, Loyalty, Persistence, Responsibility, and Work

Additionally do not forget the FREE COUPON that lists these messages and references many stories and books so that teachers, mentors and effective citizens have an easy time of communicating values, assets and attributes of opportunity and success with materials common to our daily life.

But of course reading as early in life as possible is critical to opportunity and success as a first things first personal asset. Cheers to that simplicity.

Separate coupons and more exist for Respect , Compassion, Courage, Discipline, Friendship, Honesty, Loyalty, Persistence, Responsibility, and Work

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