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Early Reading Skills Delivered - Ringing Advantage

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Start with the Truth and the Message to be Effective

Truth and Tweets

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Your Thoughts About Innovation and Collaboration

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Executive US Military Veteran Entrepreneural Business Opportunity

Emotional and Ethical Freakonomics of Intelligence Change

If You Are Inclinded To Be a Problem Solver Get On with It in The Grassroots Because the Comeback from Apathy is Blocked by Relative Values and a Process of Putting Even More Laws on the Books from All Administrations at All Levels Costing More and More

"What if I told you that The Education Proficiency Fix is in, it is free, cheap and simple and out of routine reach"

The whole 4th and 5th chapters of Super Freakonomics, Authored by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubnar in 2009, highlights how asking for behavior change in the microeconomics does not work well, period.

Intrusion must touch several emotions such that it at least nutralizes the negative externalities and generally a cold hard steel intusion as an alternative route is best.

Boldly Using David Brooks to Talk About Empathy, Apathy, Morality and Ethics. Our "Codes" are Gone and It Will Not Be Talked About

Early Literacy is a New Industry!

Hey Mom! Work At Home!

Hey Veteran Executive- We need your Leadership

The New Money is Already in the System

Early Literacy is a New Industry

Honor the Veteran Skill Set with This Economic Opportunity

The Executive Veteran skill set brings home the value creation processes that established world economic markets and placed USA multinational businesses in the lead. The Executive Veteran Employment Opportunity Act could be enhanced to position veterans within business so that every child is ready to read starting in kindergarten in the USA.

Veteran Skill Set

Courage to Intrude for the Most At Risk Least Powerful

Intruding with Most Valuable Positive Expectations

Those who break through the bureaucracy, clutter and apathy for the benefit of the next 50 years and beyond will be honored as a leaders. Use Thomas Freedman's Theme of cut here to invest there to benefit many and the children at large.

Courage to Intrude

SocialMedia Discussion of FTFRTFT Positive Expectations

Discussion of Potential Impact on/of Influencers

June 27, 2012, Business Leaders Outline Critical Need For Early Childhood Education at CED Report Event in Detroit PNC and Kelly Services CEOs Voice Commitment

Thomas Wolfgram Blogs that Should Be Restarted

Delivery Skills Blog

Thomas Wolfgram Credentials and Phone Appointment

Phone Appointment

Right Column Focused on the Snakes in the Grassroots that the Powerful Prioritize Ahead of First Things First Proficiency. Nothing Should be Ahead of This

Be Certain the Grassroots Armed with Understanding, Responsibility, and Opportunity will At Least Cut the Grass and See the Issues and Resources in a More Simple Light.

Entitlements Will be in the Way of the Moral Good