The Baldrige Program educates organizations in performance excellence management and administers the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.

Baldrige Program

The Baldrige Program educates organizations in performance excellence management.

Baldrige is the nation's public-private partnership dedicated to improving the performance of U.S. organizations. The main focus areas are to:

*Help organizations achieve best-in-class levels of performance

*Identify and recognize role-model organizations

*Identify and share best management practices, principles, and strategies

This Quality Program is a part of the National Institute of Standards and Technology - Department of Commerce. It has quality focus proposals (questions) of continuous improvement for business, organizations, education, health care, and non-profits.

From the process of asking critical questions of everyone involved the idea is to formally create better systems and integrated management frameworks that gets high quality results.

The questions are quite simply put, truthful answers that everyone hears and responds to presents a direction that everyone can adopt as a desired outcome. Truth and integrity communicated are the core values of lowest possible cost and the opposite is also true.

The organization framework of the questions follow:

*Organization Profile

*Organization Situation


*Strategic Planning

*Customer Focus

*Measurement, Analysis, and Knowledge Management

*Workforce Focus

*Process Management


*Core Values and Concepts

*Glossary of Key Terms

The point that USA VALUES, LLC makes regarding this program for education is that 100% ready to read, count and understand positive direction as measured by a kindergarten teacher and guaranteed by a provider, teacher or mentor is a FTFRTFT requirement of High Quality.

Any leader or effective citizen can not truthfully read into the Baldrige Organization Outline, and many others without knowing this measure must be addressed to be high quality. It is a given. It leaves the effective no choice. But who knows this? What is a regular citizen to do? Business made these types of changes in the 70s, 80s and 90s.

Can business and effective citizens paying taxes, where the education dollar is 40% of the state budget and the poverty dollar (education is the escape) is in double digits require high quality continuous improvement. Can business be intrusive and require improvement? Not just any program of improvement, and not just words of improvement but improvement and high quality based on doing first things first right the first time. Systems of improvement that embrace savings from fewer mistakes. Following the experts: Phillip Crosby, Stephen Covey, Rick Warren, Gary Heil, Daniel Goleman, Napoleon Hill, and Dale Carnegie. And others who have contributed to the science of lower cost because of fewer mistakes.