End in Mind as You Start

The highly effective and executives in general know cash flow turnarounds (new money) leverage on finding and doing first things first right the first time (FTFRTFT). The concept applies to most every process most all the time.

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Examples of Stories

USA VALUES, LLC encourages and empowers communities to remove the education gap and subsequent economics disparities. It creates an Early Reading Skills Delivery (ERSD) focus on all age 0-6 children that especially includes all at risk children and their moms.

USA VALUES, LLC is designing to create a million Facebook friends; in +300 accounts; several million on an email list with permission; and business page links of at least 10,000,000.

This is most important to our combined positive expectations; critical to the continuous education and economic improvements that are individually first things first within our minority cultures. It will take at large social numbers to encourage our nation’s local urban school districts to reach into the community. Districts will cause the delivery of 100% of the at risk children to kindergarten ready to read, count and understand positive expectations; within their present budgets and positive expectations for transformation, innovation and savings.

This can be started now. There is no choice but to start climbing out of the status quo with early reading skills delivered first things first.

A positive expectation would be no gap at kindergarten and no gap at grade 4 and many costs to be avoided in the government and schools.

An Example

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Adapted High Quality Thinking About FTFRTFT

The local entrepreneur has the opportunity to create social value and economic value in the local space.