Examples of a Simple FTFRTFT Story Given to Us to Publish

Example of Savings by Focus on the FIRST Constraint to Throughput

Example 2 of Savings by Focus on Right The First Time

Example 3 First Thing First by President Lincoln Creating New Money

States Start to Think / Request FTFRTFT Lean

We can close on your Support of FTFRTFT via phone, email or personal visit

Thank you

It would be helpful if you took a page on our B to B site. (Assuming you are not a retailer.)

I will help you tell your story about the concepts of first things first and how your business thrives because you attend to it. The community and the public school’s attention to the readiness of at risk age 3-6 children and their moms will increase as business tells more and more direct stories.

The cost of the story page is $600 per year and we want every business to purchase one. The story will be twittered often by us and you.

Please send your phone number and a time to talk via email. (see footer) There are several other points to coordinate.

Best regards,

Thomas Wolfgram

President- USA VALUES, LLC

Early Reading Skills Delivered - Ringing Advantages

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