Stories from President Lincoln and his Creation of New Money for New Deliveries

Story has it that once the civil war started it had to be funded with new money. Lincoln declined to fund it through the private bankers on Wall Street and London. Instead he paid the soldiers with Greenbacks that did not have an interest expense attached for the nation because they were issued on the full faith and credit of the United States. They were issued on the equity of the USA as it stood in its time based on its positive expectation.

The North prospered during the civil war in spite of the conflict. Lincoln not only won the war but was on his way to proving that a government could create new money from nothing but its equity and control its spending into the economy without more inflation. The measure of more or less inflation and stability should be to compare against the central bankers when they create new money and allowed the fractional reserve system to overheat and create bubbles that burst. In Lincoln's case the money was metered into the economy based on the soldiers service. That could be aligned to be similar to metering the money into the local economy based on early reading skills delivered.

There is much more to this story in the world of the USA Treasury and the private bankers but I leave that to others as we show an example of the civil war solution to the Early Reading Skills Delivered Solution. Both require first things first money that builds real assets for the future.

Ellen Brown's Letter about the Lincoln Greenback to President Obama

Point here is that FTFRTFT even runs to the creation of our money supply to avoid a constraint. New Money, at one point, ran under Lincoln as the first thing to the creation of a nation where every individual citizen was free. We know now that Literacy is Freedom as we see the world and our poor struggle without it. Likewise to constrain literacy because money to deliver it is in short supply begs explanation.

To say there is no new money for early reading skills delivery (no room in the budget) to our most at risk kids who are citizens and are needed to succeed as a nation is less than smart.

All discussion today seems to be dead on arrival. But it is not dead on arrival because our smartest are not being heard as evidenced above in the letter to President Obama. The grassroots (regardless of class or race) care about doing first things first. Who is the snake in the grass preventing the delivery? The private banker? Create a state owned bank to avoid the constraint!

To not insist at the local level on the FTFRTFT Money for Early Reading Skills Delivered when it pays for itself with savings and innovation is a downfall. Instead we get Races to the New Money based on competition and more debt and no savings for earlier deliveries and innovations that tend to exclude the children who are being left behind(QRIS).

Those who are smart, effective, and executive have no choice but to find the new money for the new local deliveries. This positive expectations web site also has a plan for new money based on the above story.

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