No Choice - You Must Invest!

Early Reading Skills Delivered - Ringing Advantage!

This is the concept of achieving positive results through the implementation of "Positive Expectations". Reasonable First-Things-First, Right the First Time (FTFRTFT) private sector businesses, individuals, faithbase, effective communications, promptings and more combine to drive impactful game changes at the grassroots level.

How FTFRTFT deliveries of at risk children to kindergarten can be developed and used to benefit localities is explored by this site in an emerging web 2.0 process.

USA VALUES LLC is a start-up advertising, promotion, and public relations company building the "Early Reading Skills Delivered -- Ringing Advantages" brand. It provides "free" communication services (supported by local advertising dollars) for the purpose of educating and changing attitudes on the absolute need for each and every child upon entering kindergarten to posses early reading skills and the associated character, assets and attributes necessary for learning. As a first step, we are creating a company that delivers a public service message to consumers from the private sector.

When problems need to be solved the effective have no choice but to do first things first.

USA VALUES - First Things First

You might want to look at our uneven start of children into public kindergarten as a washed out process on an increasingly important route to growth and prosperity defined by economics, education, emotions and ethics.

How expensive is an even start into public kindergarten?

USA VALUES, LLC estimates the cost is less that 2 tenths of 1% of local Retail Sales and Manufacturing Shipments. Call for the simple detail.

But know the money is already in the system of expenditures requiring your redirection.

Business and effective citizens pay the taxes that make schools and government work. We believe that a $8-10,000 investment can be worked to create an average $1,000,000 positive difference in net GDP – including less schools and government dysfunction, AND we have to act.

We must invest the $8-10,000 now, AND nurture the investment when he/she enters kindergarten.

The Difference only needs your will, a real contract, guarantee, and your new awareness of value.

We can choose to do this effectively with present money in the system or we can spend bridge money to be paid back by savings or even equity. Now is important. See the arguments and source of equity funding. Call Tom Wolfgram 651-735-3018 for the password. Click here. You are helping if you are a business with effective employees or are yourself effective locally, your willingness to insist and support your insistence by allowing us to send the message to your employees.

Within 4-5 short years prosperity and growth defined by demonstrated economics, education, emotions and ethics is the mid-term outcome expected from your awareness.

This site describes how to do this from the grassroots with money already in the system.

Please check out this demonstration.

Tangelo Park Outcomes


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