Early Reading Skills Delivered -- Ringing Advantage

USA VALUES, LLC. provides quality is free thinking. It suggests the district must innovate with a first thing first right the first time focus; hopefully traditional high quality change thinking positions the district to start asking the right questions and also provides them the new money bridge to execute solutions.

One step beyond new adapted operational thinking concepts See Adapted High Quality is Free)is a proforma financial projection of what that extra knowledge and innovation will look like in the cost of the district instruction (in total and per child) as that extra learning grows to dominate the district year by year for 13 years starting in kindergarten. It shows savings paying back the new money bridge and more.

These proforma projections are like those used to justify quality program investments with ROI expectations in service businesses every day. These projections are not special. It is time to use similar methods of positive change management and expectation.

Growth in enrollment is not factored into the district projection although it should be. Growth will come from retaining all students locally and substantially reducing the dropout rates. Growth confuses the presentations so it is omitted for readability.

To School Administration and Boards See Adapted High Quality is Free Knowledge