Napoleon Hill - Put Entrepreneurship together with Goleman, Heil, Warren, Covey, and Crosby

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Business, Communities and schools must simply put it together.

What needs to come together to make a miracle happen in the local community for the at risk child? Interdependence makes this your win win and your economic opportunity to work from home.

You can find the answers here organized around these classic concepts of think and grow rich that Napoleon Hill presented in his book copyrighted in 1937 to 1972! Let us not think the concepts are too old. They are still true because they are about what is in the head of a leader and knows his own worth.

Thoughts are things

Desire and make it rule

Faith – the win goes to who thinks he can

Self suggestion will value failure

It pays to know people who know

Imagine that

Organize for harmony

Leaders begin as followers, but… There is a long list of buts.

Read the Book!



Leverage the Mastermind Concept

Know your fears

Be self disciplined and careful of the word if

It cannot be said better, so no attempt will be made, but if you want to use positive expectations to create something from nothing read this book first and then the next about influencing people and call me or email me. It can be made to be all about positive content that has value in the grassroots of any location you define.

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