Of Course the call for FTFRTFT includes the creation of the new money discussed here. THERE IS NO GOOD REASON NOT TO HAVE THE NEW MONEY ENGAGED IN THIS DELIVERY

We believe that sending the public service message in the community is first things first right the first time activity to develop early reading skills and the "lost" but inalienable perspectives of individual freedom and responsibility. Growth economics, education, emotions and ethics follow with the acquisition of assets and attributes.

Let’s take the time to Google Responsibility and Freedom to arrive at the understanding that rights exist in the space that power allows.

A military service person (now a veteran) has represented the USA overseas with tremendous power attempting to create individual rights. How do we make individualism uncomplicatedly clear to age 0-12 children as a foundation in the USA? It takes individual time and attention to deliver early reading skills that are first step critical to freedom.

Locally our at risk mom and child have "freedom/rights" but lack the power to gather the most basic of individual assets and attributes that give them meaningful access to equal opportunity.

Much can be done with a focus on the child. Time is critical to the message and the delivery of early reading skills. Literacy and a combination of personal assets and attributes are freedom and the source of individual opportunity. Momentum in the entire system of public good is lost when early reading skills are not delivered during the ages of 3-6.

Who will dispute the value of having positive expectations that are shared by all but start with the present value of $500,000 at age 6. If this is disputed as a basis of action please call me for discussion. My number is in the footer.

In some respects business, schools, preschools and churches are locked into separate power silos and positions that just do not cover the gaps. Power is in the way of progress. The influence of a veteran who has sacrificed time, limbs and friends for the USA's freedom would set appropriate local priorities by government, schools and business making the powerful accept the public good and stop preventing the new money.

Make no mistake it is a game of local power and our at risk children are very low on the attention scale but very high on the ROI opportunity list. We are at risk of saying the same about our returning executive veterans. Low on the attention and power scale but very high on the ROI opportunity list.

But, real power is in the money.

It is foolish to talk about changing power to create new deliveries of early reading skills with new money given our entrenchments. The new money for early reading skills delivery is already available from the powerful if the grassroots insist on it. It is foolish to think the powerful will attempt to solve the gap by simply spending new money on the most at risk. We can expect talk and more talk if we don't focus the grassroots on the new money.

New Money (a first things first source of freedom and responsibility) is needed. Only the grassroots will bring it to this investment around those in power. Delivery can be sourced from barter, Printing by fiat and controlled spending into the economy based on the great ROI of increased value, Bridged into the economy based on the savings / innovation / payback it will generate, or it can be gifted from equity (granted) into the economy.

Our call for new money after first things first messaging to the grassroots only wishes the spending is effective without double and triple silo control. It must link back to the science, understanding of freedom, responsibility, self sacrifice for growth, self ability and self determination and commitment. Personal traits for leadership are best reflected these days by our USA Executive Veteran.

It would also be instructive to understand how easy the new money could be created and spent into the economy under the control of the PVofPE-PreK at the rate of $10,000 new money per $500,000 of value. This is discussed in the depth of our common good systems here. Chick here

End in Mind Page

We are tweeting the following to make the point supported by this web site.

Can you imagine our nation's turnaround is this simple

Everyone Wins! Spend $10,000 expect worth of $500,000 in 2 yrs

Know the Present Value of Positive Expectations due to Pre-K. PVofPE-PreK is $500,000.

Honesty is always the best policy. It cuts off wasted effort because honest effort never has to be redone. This is the first principle of a turnaround where activity has to be matched to the ROI to stay in business. Then it is critical to do first things first.

USA VALUES, LLC can use your help with its focus on the following.

FTFRTFT- First things first right the first time is the only way to arrive at a high quality process. It assumes a value is being delivered to a paying customer in a transaction that is worthy of a guarantee. It assumes there are internal and external customers and internal customers can stop the flow of service when anything is not right. Philip Crosby is our evangelist expert on prevention of costly gaps.

EEEE- Growth economics, education, emotions, and ethics starting with 100% of at risk age 0-6 children in a local area. These children will be the source of the most significant change in growth because of prevention. They represent the most significant degree of difference. The value we can add to them will create the full faith and confidence in the USA.

BICIS- This is playfully presented as the opposite of EEEE. One can see it as the lack of EEEE because of the growing economic development in Brazil, India, China, Indonesia, and the Saudi led oil cartel. Or, locally due to biting...selfish traits of power.

See the local site making this point with the public service message.