Gary Heil - Put One Size Fits One together with Warren Covey and Crosby

Communities and schools must simply put it together to include the work of Gary Heil.

To be effective for our most at risk children and ourselves we should put Rick Warren’s, Stephen Covey’s, Philip Crosby’s, Gary Heil’s , Dale Carnegie’s, Napoleon Hill’s, and Daniel Goleman’s best work together and conclude that we can at least deliver 100% of the at risk children to kindergarten ready to read, count and understand positive direction. I know there are other authors with good work that should be mentioned and I am bias with the above list because the above authors are foundational to the for profit business concept of USA VALUES, LLC. They are foundational to the monetization of a value for delivery. Other support for the emotional and ethics side of this work is at the

Gary Heil is known for building on the discussion of many service related ideas and a discussion of the moment of truth. Briefly and simply it is when value is exchanged and a question that always arises about the value. Whether the question is raised on not, it always exists and in many cases the answer is not a problem because the value meets the requirement.

In our system of Pre-K services to the at risk the services often are rendered and paid for without the requirement and the customer and the service/product being clear. The moment of truth is so unidentified that the service cannot be monetized and managed in an asset building transaction. Specifically ask the school district to pay for the pre-K education to a requirement of ready to read and they will become very concerned for the quality of the delivery. It is new thinking that the present value of what happens pre-k is over $600,000 per child if the community does it part and the school does it part. In our valuation the community effort must be first thing first right the first time.

The defined even start may have a present value in excess of $600,000 per child on the basis of risk valuation. This is a $20-30 billion new industry on the city streets measured at $4,000 per at risk child per year for 2 years. The concept is already demonstrated that child and mom can be mentored (without physical building expenses) with some level of intrusive paternalism as discussed before.

The moment of truth (guarantee) is important as is the one size fits one relationship. It is time to reduce all of this to a contract for each at risk child and eliminate the risk that the value is not created or retained in the community. Yes, it is the community that generates the risk--Not the school.

We want to require 100% of the children to be ready to read going into kindergarten and 100% of the children to be proficient in the 3rd grade standardized test. If this was done with only 5% risk that it not be achieved the $8-10,000 cost is worth $600,000 in present value of increased cash flow and reduced government expenses over the future 40 years.

I do not want to take liberty with Gary Heil’s authorship so I suggest we all read his book for the first time or again. Every government and school budget decision maker should understand the positive expectations that are intrinsically created by a motivated, optimistic, caring, and supportive environment. Personally I found Gary’s book to be WAY BETTER than Built to Last for community, education and government leaders.

I know I will be asked about the stated guarantee. When the kindergarten teacher say the child is not ready for the following reasons, determined by observation within the first 30-45 days, the mentor or preschool teacher works more with the child and parents and the kindergarten teacher to resolve the reasons. Sometimes this work will be paid for via reserves and sometimes it will result in a loss. But what goes forward to first grade is a child ready to learn per the requirements of the kindergarten teacher.